Why TikTok has become the star of social media and how to take advantage of it

With the pandemic, the Chinese social network TikTok experienced incredible growth, especially in our country. Currently, it is the social network that gains the most users in Spain, according to data from the IAB Social Networks Study of 2023. Given this growth, you are surely wondering: is TikTok a suitable channel for my business? From Geotelecom we tell you why and how you should try it.

TikTok will allow you to reach a new audience. Dismantling the belief that this social network is only for teenagers, we will give you some information from the platform itself: 39% of its audience are people over 35 years of age. Perhaps this age group is not encouraged to generate as much content as the young audience and for that reason they are not as visible, but the truth is that the adult public has also found in TikTok a form of entertainment. And yes, this has an impact on the number of new users who end up coming to our website.

TikTok Ads

In TikTok Ads, the prospecting campaigns accompanied by automatic segmentation, which the tool itself offers, provide a different reach than what we can find in other channels, not only because they have a different audience but also because they offer the content in a different way. The TikTok algorithm makes more accurate recommendations for the user, that is, it shows more relevant content. Have you wondered how? In a simple way: it shows the user 8 videos that are trending and collects the information from the interactions that the user has made with those videos. The next 8 videos that it will show will be related to the videos of the previous group to which the user has shown more affinity.

Unlike Meta, TikTok Ads also allows us to generate campaigns aimed at obtaining followers. A point in its favor, since it is an effective alternative to buying followers that we see so much (and criticize) on other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. After all, through follower-oriented campaigns you get followers without violating any policy of the tool and, in addition, they are real users and interested in your business.

content keys

Now, what about the content? If you have ever entered the world of TikTok, you will have been able to verify that there is basic content, that is, without much production, more than “walking around the house” with high numbers of views eithereven, of likes. It is possible that this is due to the need to satisfy the high demand for content that the network has.

In any case, it is an opportunity to take advantage of. As? Creating videos as native as possible, that is, forget about large productions, be natural and show your brand and business in a normal and ordinary way as your neighbor could do. You don’t need a reflex camera or two hours of video editing to get a video that succeeds on TikTok because what prevails on this platform is originality and differentiation. For example, if you are going to join a trend, bet on giving it a different touch to what everyone else does. You will reach more people thanks to TikTok but you will hook them thanks to your content.

Another point to take into account if you are thinking of making the leap to TikTok is its search engine used by Generation Z to discover new products or to answer questions, as is usually done with Google. From TikTok, aware of this fact, they encourage the use of their search engine with the creation of a widget that allows you to have the TikTok search engine at hand on your mobile without having to enter the application.

Now that we know that you will reach a larger and different audience with TikTok, you may be wondering if you will get sales. Well, in relation to what was previously discussed about the TikTok search engine, we have observed that the network generates a greater need to purchase. This makes sense if we analyze many of its contents: viral products, top best products… And all of this ends up having an impact on an improvement in brand awareness that translates positively into the results of your company.

How to know if you should be on TikTok

And with all this you may wonder, is TikTok right for my business?

It will permit you reach different and new audiences, not only to teenagers that you will not find on Instagram but also to adults who see TikTok as an entertainment channel. Evaluate what your target is and if the effort will be worth it.
The advertisements in this network They are not perceived as much as advertising they can more easily pass as organic content. The user does not perceive so clearly that they are selling something, which has a positive impact on the creation of that desire to buy.
You will need to create content frequently so think about whether your business has that capacity. Our recommendation is that you start working on your account organically and when you’ve got the hang of TikTok, start implementing your payment strategy.

If all these opportunities seem few to you, it is important that you know that the implementation of TikTok Shop and Live Shopping is planned soon, options that we have already seen in Meta but that can offer other results on this very different platform. Do you dare?, do you have doubts? Contact Geotelecom and start your roadmap.

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