Top 10 Dogfluencers: Instagram’s Most Followed Dogs Capture Brands’ Attention (2023)

Without logical explanation and since the beginning of Internet history, animal contents They have caught our attention. They have made us laugh and get excited. Photographs and videos that have ended up becoming memes and have come to illustrate a conversation on WhatsApp.

It is common for someone who has a puppy or dog brag about them in your networks. And not just by posting photos or videos… But by creating their own profile! In it, they share their lifestyle and care, their new toys and their favorite places to travel…

Its popularity has been increasing over time. So much so, that this trend has favored the appearance of the so-called dogfluencers.

What is a Dogfluencer?

It’s a little dog who has a profile on social networks. Whether due to their spontaneity, their naturalness or the care taken by their owner when creating the content, a dogfluencer has a large number of followers and high engagement on their social networks (envied even by many influencers).

For this reason, major brands have set their eyes on them and have made them the ideal speaker within your digital marketing strategy.

How useful can it be for your brand?

Simple. Like good influencers, these dogs are in charge of promote brands through their posts. They teach the benefits of their products and highlight the best qualities of them. That is, if you work for a brand and the consumer of the product are dogs, a dog fluencer It can bring you closer to the ideal buyer persona for your strategy.

Do you want to know more about these four-legged influencers? Well, let’s go with our top!

1.Jiffpom (9.4 million)

Crowning himself as the most famous dog on Instagram, we find Jiffpom, a nice (and talented) Pomeranian who, unfortunately, passed away last year. However, his faithful followers continue to pay tribute to him on his profile, where it is common to read comments expressing how much they miss him.

jiffpom He came to appear in the video clip for the song “Dark Horse” Of the singer Katy Perry and obtained two Guinness Records being named “the fastest dog on two legs”covering 10 meters on the hind legs in 6.56 seconds, and 5 meters on the front legs in 7.76 seconds.

2. Its Doug The Pug (3.6 million)

This pug has 3.6 million followers and is a real revolution on the web. Their videos and photos recreating movies, everyday situations, or simply posing like a superstarThey will not leave you indifferent.

3. Tucker Budzyn (3.4 million)

In third position we find Tucker Budzyn, a golden retriever who has 3.4 million followers on Instagram. In addition, its success is also reflected in the fact that Tucker already has your own eCommercein which it markets both products for dogs and humans.

4.Marutaro (2.4 million)

His fame began when his owner began uploading content from Marutaro to the networks, in order to encourage his followers after the tsunami in Japan in 2011. Currently, this shiba inu already has 2.4 million followers and even has a museum in tokyo.

5.Tuna (2 million)

Tuna is a puppy who has nothing more and nothing less than 2 million followers on his main profile…
But also, it is ideal for #petfriendly travel brands because it has a profile only for your trips.
And he spends the day smiling!

6.Tika the Iggy (1.1 million)

Is she a fashion victim? Evidently. Tika is a Italian greyhound that stands out for its style (and for the extravagant clothes that its owners put on it) and this has led it to be model of recognized brands such as Zara or Fendi that at the time they decided to bet on taking out small collections for pets.

7.Norbert the dog (786,000)

this adorable therapy puppy of mixed race has a characteristic pose, sticking out his tongue to the side in a nice gesture that has won the hearts of his 786,000 followers. Surely it sounds like a WhatsApp meme or sticker.

8.Bertiebert the pom (406,000)

Bertram is a Chocolate Pomeranian adopted in 2013 and that now triumphs on Instagram. Its fluffiness and natural cuteness have managed to attract 406,000 followers.

9.Popeye the foodie (386,000)

His name is Popeye, he has 386,000 followers and his mission is to travel the United States in search of #petfriendly restaurants. Of course, his profile is an innovative gastronomic guide for those animal lovers who want to travel and find places where their furry friends are welcomed.

10. Elvis the french bulldog (201,000)

Elvis is a French bulldog who has 201,000 followers on Instagram. In his profile, we can see her day to day with Coco, her best friend.

[Extra] 11.- soylapepa

With your permission, we would like to highlight the profile of La Pepa from Spain. She is a chihuahua with a lot of salt and love for the camera. Surely, if they let him, he would sing for hours: his owner is Roberto Leal, presenter of Pasapalabra.

In summary:

As we have seen, Dogfluencers are dogs with a great sense of humor, very patient and very pampered. Also, They are perfect for the marketing strategy of pet brands or petfriendly. His success is indisputable and his lifestyle, in many cases, enviable.

As Sharon Delarose said: , “If you live with dogs, you will never run out of things to write about.” And if not, tell the owners of these 4-legged stars. They are cute! And you, do you know any other dogfluencer? Have you participated in any campaign with any of them?

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