What kitchen appliances can be home automation?

What kitchen appliances can be part of home automation systems?

The home automation has achieved that a good part of our daily tasks be more comfortable. Smart home appliances are already a reality, including even devices that we would never have associated with such technology. Let’s see which electrical devices are open to these functions and which ones can also reinforce home security.

Home automation: refrigerators, washing machines and induction hobs

Smart Fridge

Without a doubt, the smart fridge It is one of the devices best adapted to the new times. Among its advantages, smart refrigerators warn of:

The food availability, of the expiration date and even the Nutritional value. These refrigerators also indicate if the door or any of its compartments has not been closed correctly. They establish the optimal temperature or even notify us that it is time to clean them.

Smart washing machine

Also Known As washing machine with wifi, is another prominent example. This appliance, like the dryer, can be controlled remotely through a mobile app. Through his smartphone, the user can start (or interrupt) the different washing or drying programs. In addition, these washing machines are capable of:

Detect stains. Optimize the washing cycle. Decide how much detergent is enough and reserve the excess for another wash. Save water and energy depending on the load.

Smart Kitchens

Smart induction hobs are also gaining prominence. These are capable of controlling, for example, the temperature of the oil. They may also recognize our pans and utensils or apply a preset settings for different types of cooking.

On the other hand, when you finish eating, you also have available smart dishwashers that measure the amount of water they should use or the most suitable program according to the delicacy of what they are washing.

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Discover which kitchen appliances can be part of home automation systems - Prosegur Blog.

Discover which kitchen appliances can be part of home automation systems – Prosegur Blog.

Smart appliances and security

In some cases, Home automation helps make our home safer. This is the case with devices that have detection of faults and risks and that execute different actions in case of emergency. For example, some refrigerators can self-regulate to not produce an overload in the electrical network.

The maintenance alerts sent by some household appliances are also of great interest. Prevention is the best security measure that exists and with this information users can anticipate possible breakdowns.

Recently, smart ovens and induction hobs are starting to connect with security systems to expedite the response in case of fire. On the other hand, the fact that the smart fridge alerts about food expiration contributes to our food safety.

To all this must be added the remote functions. Being able to turn on lights or appliances at any time of the day and from anywhere will have a deterrent effect on potential assailants. This is because we can simulate that there are people inside our home even if we are at work, for example.

However, the level of privacy allowed by the new smart speakers. These devices constantly listen to everything that’s going on around them, which, in the wrong hands, could be problematic.

A look to the future

According to the innovations presented by different companies, it will not take long for us to have lighting systems that are automatically regulated depending on the intensity of the sun or the weather. At the same time, progress will be made in the creation of centers that integrate and coordinate all the functions of the home from a single point. Finally, smart home appliances will be increasingly efficient and sustainable.

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