Top 10: the best platforms for working remotely (2022)


The pandemic not only brought with it the acceleration and digital transformation of brands, but also extended a working modality that was not as popular or had as many followers: remote work. This work model, like everything else, has its advantages and disadvantages: you become your own boss, you have free time and you can work from anywhere in the world. However, it is also somewhat unstable and must be accompanied by good money management.

Today many people especially the younger onesThey prefer freedom to stability and are not interested in spending 8 to 10 hours in an office. exist various ways to work remotely: You can be hired directly by a company, sign up for an agency that acts as an intermediary between the worker and the companies, or go looking for specific jobs through different supply and demand platforms. In this article, We made a selection of the best-known sites where you can sign up to get clients.

The 10 best platforms for working remotely

Next, we bring you a alphabetical listing one of the best and most well-known platforms on the market to work remotely from anywhere in the world:

This is perhaps one of the first platforms that specialized in remote work for people with or without experience and with or without higher education. Although its main page is designed as a giant job marketplacewhere business owners search and choose freelancers according to their need, in the ‘become a seller’ section you can create an eye-catching ad that clearly exposes your skills, the time you have available to work and the remuneration you expect to receive.

In it you can offer your services in the areas of graphic arts and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and technology, business, lifestyle and finally data.

Within the same platform you can build a resume that includes an introductory video of yourself, links that lead to project portfolios if you have one, and you can even make your own logo and add your social networks so that people get to know you better and have more hiring opportunities.

flex jobs

Founded in 2007, FlexJobs is the largest and most popular platform in the United States. In addition to having various opportunities grouped by type of employment and required skills, the portal has a section with events, webinars and articles related to job searches.

It offers jobs in more than 50 career fields, from entry to executive level, part-time to full-time, around the world. In addition, it has a very specific search engine, which helps to guide the search in a concrete way.


This is a private employment exchange that acts as intermediary for professionals and companies meet and agree to a job interview. Although it mostly offers face-to-face jobs, there is a section called “Telework”, where you can find all the available remote job offers.

This portal was born in 1998, the oldest online portal on the list, and is headquartered in Barcelona, ​​with 10 more offices throughout the country, being the employment platform that moves the most traffic in Spain. To apply you must complete your cv online.


The most popular of our count, LinkedIn has become much more than a portal to offer and find work. In it it is possible to interact with companies and get to know them more thoroughly and even interact with other users who are members of communities and groups.

Like Infojobs, LinkedIn is a employment exchange where users and companies connect to arrange interviews and face-to-face meetings. But it also offers a myriad of remote work options for professionals in various areas, from freelance projects to full-time jobs.

This page offers many remote work options for professionals. From customer service jobs, graphic designers, marketing, engineering, lawyers, and HR recruiters.

Are more than 145 companies those who have trusted this page to publish ads in search of professionals. CNN, Fast Company, Goby Savvy and CNBC are some of them.


Thanks to its wide variety of offers and good compensation plans, this is one of the platforms most recommended by digital nomads. Although most of the offers are aimed at professionals, there are also offers for people who have no prior experience or preparation.

It allows filter searches by company, type of work (you can choose sales, marketing, design, development, analyst and even careers that are not as tied to the digital world as medicine and law), for careers and by country.


Unlike the previous two pages, Remoters is an outsourcing company, that is, an intermediary between employees and employers. People who want to work in it, register and through a digital interview can define the profile of the professional, and then match them with the available jobs and employers.

Has its head office in Barcelona and offers job opportunities to hundreds of professionals from Europe and Latin America, to supply the needs of its more than 40 eCommerce owner clients.

skip the drive

It’s a platform very simple to use. You do not need to register and allow configure alerts to receive notifications whenever new jobs match your interest.

You can search by category or keyword. It is specially oriented for workers marketing, human resources, web development, business and finance.

work for the world

On this platform you will find job opportunities of all kinds, both domestic and abroad. There are job offers aimed at professionals from different fields, as well as an employment section where specific opportunities appear to work from home, work for teachers, remote work, work in the tourism sector, etc.

If you have just finished your studies and want to gain professional experience, you also have job offers. professional practices and scholarships. Also offers free coursesresources to help you write a good cv, cheap flight deals and tips for working and studying while traveling.

Working Nomads

It is one of the favorite platforms of digital nomads, where there are countless job opportunities in various areas such as Development, Marketing, Administration, Design, Sales, Writingamong others.

Some of the opportunities that appear on this portal have links that redirect to the hiring company’s website, where more information about the position and contact channels are provided.

Other platforms to work remotely

The platforms that we have talked about so far are our recommended ones, but there are many others where you can sign up and start earning money from anywhere. The advantage of these options is that you do not need to have a university degree or previous experience. Here are a few in alphabetical order:

Acx. They have a huge variety of books that you can turn into audiobooks and sell to Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. Conduit. In it you can find Data Entry opportunities.
dynamitejobs. This North American platform was launched in 2017 with the aim of showcasing unique work from companies with remote cultures. It has an advanced search engine for jobs of all kinds and around the world. You don’t need to be professional.
Jobspresso. It is an online platform that connects companies with talents. You can upload your cv so that it is visible to companies and see new job offers every day. Microworkers. More than 90,000 job offers, from data transcription to filling out surveys. Rev. You get paid to transcribe audio. Trymyui Test. To test websites, helping developers solve problems.

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