Springfield launches “Springfield Metacollection”, its first clothing collection in the metaverse


Springfield, one of Tendam’s youngest firms, has decided to jump on the metaverse bandwagon. And, is that, he has announced the launch of his first digital clothing collection exclusively for the Roblox and Decentraland virtual reality platforms, adapting it to the different audiences and aesthetics of each of the environments.

The launch of the collection, which bears the name «Springfield Metacollection», is scheduled for end of november and will be available for purchase for one month. The company has managed to develop this initiative thanks to Playoffnations, a Spanish company that specializes in experiences in the metaverse, and AlterHeaven, a company specializing in web3 and metaverse.

Springfield has opted for Roblox and Decentraland as the first accumulates 52.2 million users and its great popularity and reach will allow you to reach a larger audience. And because the second, presents great potential for customization and control when managing the space and its relationships by users.

Springfield Metacollection, creating a trend in the metaverse

The Springfield Metacollection garments are inspired by an existing physical collection, and They can be purchased by users in the online stores of both Roblox and Decentraland. However, those who purchase them in Decentraland will have exclusive ownership of the garment, thanks to blockchain technology, so they can use them in other spaces. For his part, People who purchase the garments on Roblox will be able to use them only on Roblox.

Inside of Decentraland platform will create a virtual store in Springfield, where users can enter it with their avatars, to try on and buy the clothes, just like a store in the physical world.

The objective of the brand is to reach new audiences and reach the users who use these digital platforms and who register the highest audience growth. In addition to getting your collection to see avatars from different metaverses in an omnichannel and multiplatform way.

Marc Perez MirallesCo-founder and CEO at Playoffnations and Co-founder at Alter Heaven, indicates “The data does not lie: the world of videogames billed worldwide around 61 billion dollars in 2021, only in the purchase of virtual goods, skins and cosmetics for your avatar. A figure that we can compare with the fashion industry, which reached a turnover of 825.70 million dollars in 2021.

Other large international companies are betting on the metaverse

Springfield is not the only brand that has wanted to try its hand at the metaverse. Other international companies have been building their own experiences within virtual reality in order to attract a larger group of users. Especially the youngest, a particularly difficult audience to conquer.

Thus, Pull&Bear, the young fashion brand of the Inditex group, entered the virtual world in March of this year by launching a collection of virtual clothing, with which users can dress their avatars. Geared especially for Generation Z, the garments are compatible with apps and games on the Ready Player Me platform, including VR Chat, Somnium Space, Spatial, LIV, and Meeting VR.

Walmart, The North American retail giant has also chosen the Roblox platform to develop its two immersive experiences in the metaverse, Walmart Land and Universe of Play. These experiences offer environments of music, games and toys so that users can have fun.

Another example is flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, which created its virtual shopping experience “Flipverse”in October of this year. To do this, the company made an alliance with eDAO, a company developed by Polygon, with which it offers gamified and interactive experiences to users while they shop.

Image: Springfield

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