Is it true that thieves use sleeping gas to put people to sleep and break in?

Do thieves use sleeping gas to break into houses?

Home burglaries using sleeping gas are a controversial issue. What is there of truth and myth in the gas robbery method to sleep?

Today we tell you everything about the subject, and what you can do to be safe in these circumstances.

Are there robberies in homes using sleeping gas?

Although some cases of gas robbery to sleep They are urban legends, there are assaults in which this method is used.

They have been used in robberies in urbanizations, such as it happened in Andalusia in 2011. The robbery of Formula 1 driver Jenson Button also became famous.

A few years ago, it also began to occur more frequently in Mexico. However, the truth is that Spain is a very safe country, so it’s very rare and it is unlikely.

Most robberies without violence are usually carried out taking advantage of the fact that the house is empty. So they are very isolated cases and do not correspond to the usual way of operating in thieves.

Despite everything, some organized gangs and professional thieves (a minority of criminals) can manage to resort to sleeping gas. For this reason we advise you how to protect yourself.

Security measures to prevent a robbery with sleeping gas

If you want to be calm, we recommend you have the following security systems to protect against sleeping gas:

1. Alarm connected to the CRA

have a modern security alarm guarantees that it will always be connected to an Alarm Receiving Center. That is to say, that during the 24 hours of the day there are professionals attentive to a jump of alarms. We verify what is happening and, if necessary, notify the Police.

Also, a good alarm doesn’t have to be expensive. On the page we offer you a tool so you can calculate your quota, free and comfortably.

2. Video surveillance systems

You can install cameras that complement that alarm. Not only do they take away the desire to commit a crime, but they could allow identify the thief and have evidence before the Police.

If you have this security system, it is important to point it out in a highly visible point on your façade with a distinctive plate like the following:

Dissuasion board - why do you need an alarm

Prosegur deterrent plate.

It is a deterrent security element, that is, it makes many thieves change their minds.

3. Presence and movement detectors

Yes, we are protecting a house with a garden or chalet, the perimeter detectors they will trigger an alarm when the thief is approaching the property, so he will not be able to act, not even with gas somnífero.

Can a smoke or gas detector be activated by sleeping gas?

Los sleeping gases they are, in general, inhalant chemicals or sprays that are sprayed very close to the victims. In this sense, a smoke or gas detector does not have much to do against sleeping gas. Unfortunately, it would be the same as expecting a sensor of this type to be activated by using a perfume or a bottle of hairspray a few meters away.

Why do thieves use sleeping gas?

In conclusion, the sleeping gas robberies they are a highly unlikely occurrence. The real cases are isolated and very rare in Spain.

Discover how to file a complaint if you have been robbed at home

However, a good ARC-connected alarm, video system, and detection devices will protect you. This is because the main objective of a burglar using sleeping gas is to Avoid contact and a possible conflict with the tenants of the house. If the thief perceives that there is an alarm and that the Police may appear, he will stop his robbery attempt.

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