The hoteliers claim a “worthy” Imserso program and insist that they work “at a loss”


The president of the Spanish Hotel Confederation (CEHAT), Jorge Marichal, has demanded this Thursday from the central government a “worthy” Imserso program for tourists because “they deserve it” after a lifetime of work and “in other times” but he has warned that hoteliers cannot work “at a loss”.

In a breakfast with the media, he thanked that “at least” the program has not been extended and has made it clear that a client, at 24 euros per person in full board, drinks and entertainment, is not profitable.

“With those prices I will never work with Imserso,” he stated, for which he urged the Executive to “try to fix it.”

In this line, he has highlighted the initiative of the Community of Valencia, which has chosen to supplement the daily cost with its own funds and has appealed not to take into account the “biased opinions” that are seen through social networks.