Six months after its launch, the Spanish search engine reached 500 customers


With only 6 months of life in the Spanish market,, the Asturian technology responsible for the search plugin for online stores Motive Commerce Searchreached the 500 customersachieved ratios of growth quarterly up to 60% and is already present in two of the largest eCommerce platforms on the market, Prestashop and WooCommerce. “Our goals for 2023 are very ambitious and we want to continue at these double-digit customer growth rates,” he said. jonathan newmanCEO of

The company is based in Gijón, and landed in Italy and Portugal as part of a internationalization process that points to the exponential growth of the brand. At the moment, the company is focused on innovation and creation of new search featuresbringing technology and experience from his sister Empathy -used by large international brands- to SMEs.

Privacy and trust, the keys of Motive

The main differential of the search engine is that does not track or share user data, without relegating quality or precision in the search. The privacy It is an aspect that has become a very important aspect for Internet users. In fact, according to a McKinsey study, the 53% of respondents say that they just decide to buy on a mark after check your reputation regarding the protection of personal data.

It is a product and a very changing sector, in which agile teams are needed. In this sense, the company has more than fifty employeeswhich are continuously growing and work to add value to the search engine every two weeks, implementing improvements to adapt to the needs of the market.

“The tracking and monitoring during online experiences are not only unnecessary, but are generating a complete loss of trust among consumers. At, we do not use this type of tracking technology and, thanks to this, more and more stores are recovering the trust so typical of physical store purchases in online experiences“explains Newman. will be present at the E-Show Barcelona

Today Jonathan Newman, CEO of, will be at the E-Show Barcelona as a speaker at the TFM Theater. Under the title “Create the magic of the in-store shopping experience online and boost your sales”, Newman will reveal how a search engine like Motive Commerce Search can become the best ally of both online stores and buyers themselves, as well as market trends.

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