Renting a house: safety tips

How to rent a house safely

Renting has always been one of the preferred options for find housing to measure. However, lease contracts can be both the best guarantee of peace of mind and an inexhaustible source of surprises.

You should find out about the city in which you are going to live and know if it is one of the safest cities in Spain or if it is one of the most dangerous municipalities. Also, be aware of business terminology and possible scams. Once you have verified all this, it is time to know what steps to follow to become a tenant with the best conditions.

Difference Between Lessee and Landlord

The main difference between the landlord and the tenant is that the first is the owner of the property, while the second is the one who rents, or leases, said property.

What to look for when visiting a rental apartment

Apartment ads exalt their virtues and direct our attention to their most striking points. Abstracting from this advertising pressure, it is convenient to check that the property has the security measures relevant. These would be some of the details that you should pay attention to if you want a safe life in a rental house:

Safety lock

Regardless of the location of the property, this system is essential to reinforce the security of the home. In the doors is essential to avoid threats like bumping. In windows it is less common, however, if you find a house with security windowshave it as a good option.

Advanced protection systems

It would be a less decisive point than the previous one since few rental homes include this feature. However, the availability of advanced detection systems (video alarms, home automation in general…) is a great plus. It goes without saying that every security system also acts as a deterrent for thieves.

effective alarms

If the property has an alarm, make sure it is effective. Make sure that it does not leave blind spots and that it gives you real-time information on what is happening in the home.

potential hazards

Check the floor for potential hazards. This includes seeing that all the enclosures are in perfect condition or that the terrace is not easily accessible from the street. It is also essential to ensure that there are no gas leaks or sparking sockets, as this can generate fires.

The rental contract and the legal section

The signing of the contract is not one of the procedures that you can dispatch almost mechanically. The agreement must clearly reflect which are the situations in which the owner or the tenant has to answer for failures in the security systems. The best thing to do in this sense is that the contract includes, within the damage insurance, a clause that allows responding to possible raids.

In any case, residents are responsible for maintaining the security of the home in virtually all cases. That is why it is so important to inspect the characteristics of the property in detail and, if necessary, demand greater investments in it before signing the contract.

Common scams and scams when renting a house

One of the most basic rental requirements is to avoid situations in which the tenant is left at a clear disadvantage. For example:

Never pay any rental guarantee without having visited the apartment. This is one of the most common scams that are being done today. If you fall into the trap, you may find that the rented apartment is not like the pictures or that it doesn’t even exist.

Make sure that the contract specifically prohibits the owner from accessing the house without prior notice. There are owners who enter the house with the excuse of checking that everything is in order. However, the landlord must notify at least 24 hours in advance before visiting the home.

Do not rush your decision if they tell you that there is other interested persons to rent the apartment and that in two or three days it will be rented. In a book on “rental house hacks” this would probably be the oldest and most used. In addition, except in areas and times of high demand, it is not so easy to rent a home, so they tend to stay longer on the market.

If you are really interested in renting, talk to the neighbors and the doorman (if there is one). Do some research on the neighborhood and neighborhood and make sure there are no squats in the area.

Discover what is better, whether to buy, sell or rent a house

How to rent an apartment: peace of mind, better in writing

In short, the keys to being able to rent an apartment with absolute peace of mind include having a clear and complete lease contract and not making decisions under pressure. Spend some time on it and you will ensure that your contract is transparent. Also, although visiting apartments and houses can be a stressful task, be patient. Find the option that best suits you. A secure home It always starts with living comfortably and calmly.

On the other hand, think carefully about how to invest your money in your new home. If you know How do the Spanish spend their money on security?, you will also know that they do it because a subsidized home gives you something more than the economic value. It brings you the value of peace of mind.

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