5 Tips for Sellers for Christmas Shopping on Amazon


There is nothing left for Christmas so people start shopping to put gifts under the tree. These dates are not only seen by buyers as an opportunity to purchase new products, but also companies and eCommerce begin to prepare their strategies to increase their number of sales.

All advertisers are constantly looking for the best way to attract attention in order to make the most of this time of year. For this reason, platforms and marketplaces offer more and more facilities so that all brands, regardless of their size, can prepare for these dates.

Without a doubt, Amazon is one of the great protagonists in this era. More and more advertisers are working on their branded content to perform well and increase conversions during periods of high traffic. This marketplace, in turn, facilitates this task by offering them resources such as A+ pages, brand stories or brand stores, which give the possibility of including additional details such as the company’s values ​​and mission, explanations of its products or simply the complete offer. Of the brand.

From Kiliagon, a consultant specializing in Amazon from the Labelium Group, they state that, during the Christmas shopping season, each brand focuses on meeting a different objective. Some make it a priority to give greater visibility to the offers they have available, others seek to generate more user traffic to their product pages, others accelerate the sales of new products or maximize the sales of best sellers. Actually, each company defines its objectives and sets a goal, always taking advantage of the opportunity of high customer flow in the last month of the year. For this reason, it is important that they have an advertising strategy that adapts to this time, which should be worked on before the beginning of the quarter and adapted according to the results that are obtained.

5 Tips to Reach Your Amazon Goals During Holiday Shopping

1. Review both product page and A+ content materials

During this time of year it is very important to verify that all the information on the product pages is correct and attractive to captivate the user. To achieve this, from Kiliagon they recommend using attractive, clear images that have different angles of the products, in addition to including a video whenever possible.

A+ content helps to persuade the consumer thanks to images and explanatory texts. Likewise, it provides tools to be able to cross and up-sell through comparative tables and the Brand Story.

2. Create a version of the Store adapted to the Christmas season

It should not be forgotten that the Store is a powerful tool to show the entire catalog and brand identity to users. For this reason, the consultant advises adapting the main page of the store, giving visibility to the best sellers and gift ideas. In this way, individual pages will be dedicated to gift ideas and special offers.

3. Focus a large part of the investment on best sellers, chests or products with offers

Kiliagon recommends concentrating the investment on best sellers, chests or products with offers, since these products will help to highlight the brand at a time of high competition. The best sellers ensure the effectiveness of the campaigns, since they are formats that attract both new and recurring customers. In relation to packs or chests, their presence increases at Christmas as they are considered a different gift idea and if the brand has products of this style, it is essential to show them in advertising.

4. Adapt advertising creatives for Christmas shopping

Amazon offers many formats to tell the brand story. To do this, you can use Sponsored Brands Video and Sponsored Display Video, which now allow you to make video ads within the marketplace. Also, if Christmas headlines are included, this can help users perceive the brand as a gift option, and increase sales.

5. Adjust the Sponsored Ads strategy

Finally, Kiliagon advises activating campaigns using the different formats available in Sponsored Ads and the Amazon DSP to cover a complete sales funnel strategy and thus increase brand awareness, without losing sales opportunities.

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