Meta Introduces AI Sandbox, Its New Suite of Generative AI Tools for Advertisers

“Since the early days of News Feed in 2006, we’ve used machine learning and AI to power all of our apps and services, including our ad system. Today, we’re sharing more details about how we’re using AI to improve ad performance for businesses, including a first look at our AI Sandbox which is testing generative AI capabilities for advertisers, new features in Meta Advantage, our suite of ad automation tools and more details on our AI infrastructure and modeling investments that support it all.”

With this text, Meta has announced the upcoming start-up of its new AI Sandbox“our playground for early releases of new tools and features, including AI-powered generative ad tools,” as well as major updates to their automated ad tools.

What is the Meta AI Sandbox

The basic idea of ​​this new group of AI tools is to be able to make it easier for advertisers to apply AI in the creation and launch of campaigns on their different social networks. For starters, Meta has introduced:

text variation: Generates multiple versions of the text to highlight important points in the advertiser’s text, giving you the option to test different messages for certain audiences.
Fund generator: Create background images from text inputs, allowing advertisers to test multiple backgrounds quickly and diversify their creative assets.
Image Enhancement: Adjust creative assets to fit different dimensions on different surfaces, such as Stories or Reels, allowing advertisers to spend less time and resources reusing creative assets.

Meta is currently working with a small group of advertisers to obtain feedback that allows it to improve these products, with the goal set in the month of Julywhen it will start gradually expanding access to more advertisers with plans to add some of these features to their products later this year.

Improving Meta Advantage

Meta Advantage is the suite of automation products that use AI and machine learning to help optimize campaign results, personalize ads, and help save advertisers time and money. According to data from Meta, there are now three times as many advertisers using Advantage+ shopping campaigns on a weekly basis than just 6 months ago. These campaigns are based on an AI-powered ad product that automates and simplifies the process of creating ad campaigns in as few steps as possible, while helping deliver more relevant ads to people. ASC unlocks performance with end-to-end automation across the entire campaign creation process, including targeting, bidding, placement, and creative, which can be static or catalog-based.

example of shopping campaigns on facebook

As the company explains, “Compared to manual shopping ads, Advantage+ shopping campaigns require advertisers to enter less information when creating the campaign, simplify audience options, and streamline the content management process. For example, instead of running many campaigns with different content and targeting settings, you can create up to eight Advantage+ shopping campaigns per country. This gives our system more opportunities to reach people who are likely to buy your products.”

The news Presented by Meta in this field include:

Switching from manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping in one click: Businesses will be able to transform their current campaigns into Advantage+ shopping campaigns, allowing them to take advantage of AI quickly and easily. This will be available in Ads Manager by clicking ‘duplicate’ within an ad campaign. It will begin rolling out gradually to all advertisers with access to Advantage+ shopping campaigns over the next month.
Using video creatives in show ads: Catalog ads allow an advertiser to import a catalog of products and run ads to promote them. Now, instead of just being able to use static product images, advertisers will be able to import and use creatives such as brand videos or customer demo videos. Meta will use AI and machine learning to bring the best video to users across Feed, Stories, Watch, and Reels. Advertisers will be able to use the video in their manual sales campaigns or Advantage+ shopping campaigns. This product is currently in the testing phase with selected advertisers, with a view to rolling it out later this year.
Launch of performance comparisons: This new automated report allows advertisers to compare existing manual sales campaigns with Advantage+ shopping campaigns to better understand the positive impact of automation on performance. This is already being phased in for advertisers using Advantage+ shopping campaigns.
Improve performance with Audience Advantage+: This is a new product from Meta Advantage that will provide advertisers with an updated way to reach people and drive conversions. As the company explains, “Instead of using an advertiser’s audience targeting inputs as hard constraints, such as Men, 18-35, who like baseball, advertisers using Audience Advantage+ will add their audience inputs audience as suggestions to target who sees an ad. This allows our ad system to find more people outside of those suggestions if we think they’ll be interested and likely to convert.”

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