Who is Mikecrack: from a popular youtuber with more than 37M subscribers to a writer and creator of his own web series

more in Youtube There is content of all kinds and for all tastes, but without a doubt one of the most successful categories is video games. The popularity of gaming YouTubers stems from their ability to entertain with their humor and storytelling, showcase skills and knowledge in-game, and build communities and connections with viewers. All this achieves Mikecrack, a popular content creator from Spain who is dedicated to playing different video games while narrating them with humor.

Mikecrack’s real name is Miguel Bernal Montes.but on social networks he is known under his nickname, which was previously Mikecraft to refer to the popular video game Minecraft, one of the most prominent within its content on YouTube.

His channel currently has 37.5 million subscribers, which has led him to become the ninth most followed Spanish-speaking YouTuber in the world. on it climbs content focused mainly on Minecraft, Roblox, Free Fire, Fortnite and player vs player (PVP) series, roleplays and Mike’s pranks. The latter is a series of videos where the youtuber plays a character named Mike, a dog who does various mischief and is exposed to comical situations.

Mikecrack’s Origins

Miguel was born on March 27, 1993 in Madrid, Spain.. At the age of 9, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but this did not prevent him from completing his studies with the help of specialists and controlled medication. Between the ages of 14 and 18, attended magic school tamariskwhere he specialized in card magic and took international balloon twisting courses.

For several years he was attending magic events and performing. In fact, In the first video he uploaded to YouTube he showed his skills in this discipline. It was titled “Magic with ropes (Rope magic)” and was published on November 30, 2009.

Nevertheless, upon entering university he abandoned the world of magic to focus on his studies, which he completed successfully. In 2015 she graduated in Biotechnology from the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid and in 2016 she completed a Master’s Degree in Management and Development of Biomedical Technologies at the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Throughout his stage as a university student, the man from Madrid showed great concerns. Participated in digital design, web and video production projectswhich led him to learn about new technologies, digital image editing, SEO and marketing.

Also joined the Debating Society from the Francisco de Vitoria University, winning national competitions. Already at that time he demonstrated his talent as a speaker and communicator. And as for his more business and strategic facetin his university years he began to nurture her as part of the Business Generation Societygetting to collaborate in the development of business plans of two startups and also collaborating in the book “The Business Plan: The Creation of Companies and Entrepreneurship”.

Likewise, during these years of his career, Mikecrack discovered another exciting world, that of Minecraft, and decided to explore the possibility of dedicating himself professionally to YouTube as a gamer, which he did post their first Minecraft gameplay video on February 14, 2016.

His beginnings on YouTube

In his first months, he focused on the posting daily competitive minecraft videos and tutorialswhich gradually allowed him to gain a following and grow in popularity.

In 2017, Mikecrack set ambitious goals for his channel, agreeing with his parents to dedicate a full year to YouTube in order to reach 140,000 subscribers and 2,500,000 monthly visits. If he does not achieve these figures, he would have to stop uploading videos and resume his professional career as a biotechnologist. To achieve this, focused on a long-term growth strategy, focusing on the quality of its content and the loyalty of its audience. His plan paid off and on October 1, 2017, his channel had already positioned itself among the 50 most viewed gaming worldwide.

As his channel gained a following, Mikecrack was noted for his ability to entertain his audience with his unique humor, funny storytelling, and energetic reactions to video games. His content style has expanded beyond Minecraft, encompassing other popular games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Among Us, among others. Besides, collaborated with other content creators and completed challenges and special projects on his channel that includes vlogs, challenges, comedy videos, and music.

Los Compas is created and Mikecrack expands its projects

Mikecrack has not limited himself with his projects. In June 2017 it was formed The Compasa group made up of ElTrollino, Timba VK and Mikecrack with the goal of making content while highlighting their personalities. This allowed them to intensify the humorous tone of their recordings and provided them with a wide range of resources for the production of survival series, role-playing games, mini-games, hide-and-seek, construction and animation videos.

Mikecrack’s facet as a writer

This prominent youtuber also has a book collection which today has more than 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide. The first was launched in October 2018 under the title “Los Compas y el diamantito legendario”, which tells a story of pirates, hidden treasures and ancient legends, which continues after two intriguing videos from the channel: “Mikecrack and the cursed star”, parts 1 and 2.

in october 2019 the second book was published, “The Compas escape from prison”, a new adventure full of intrigue and excitement that takes place in an unimaginable place. Later, in June 2020 came to light the third book, “Los Compas y la cámara del tiempo”, where Mike, Timba and Trolli visit an exhibition in a museum and are chased by a dinosaur. And in October of that same year, the fourth book: «The Compas and the curse of Mikecrack», a new adventure against time to save himself; this fourth volume is the first in the collection to be in full color.

In May 2021 the fifth book was published Titled “Los Compas Lost In Space,” where Mike, Trolli, and Timba embark on an epic journey to dangerous planets and encounter an advanced alien civilization. Months later, in December of that same year, the sixth book entitled “Los Compas y la entidad.exe”, in which the characters face the end of the world.

An own animation series on YouTube

In 2020, Mikecrack creates an animation series that he begins to upload to his YouTube channel. It is titled “Mike’s Doggies” and narrates the adventures of the main characters from the Mikecrack universe: Mike, Trolli and the rest of Compas.

The series already has its seasons 0, 1 and 2 complete. And at the end of last year, on December 28, the first episode of season 3 premiered, coinciding with April Fools’ Day, the theme on which the chapter was concerned.

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