How to get dozens of recognized brands to comment on your publication: the amazing viral success of Itziar Oltra

Itziar Oltraknown on social networks for her passion for marketing, specialized in the creation of content in this field and with a large community behind it called “Everything is Marketing”, published a post on her Instagram account in which it invited all brands and their community managers to comment “for no specific reason”.

Two days after publication, you have already obtained more than 6,000 likes and more than 6,000 commentswith the participation of renowned brands such as Burger King, Aliexpress or Carglass.

The origin of Itziar Oltra’s viral success

As Itziar herself has told us, her inspiration was Hillary Baca, a digital creator from Peru specializing in marketing and advertising: “she discovered me on a trip to Spain and wrote to tell me that her account was like mine but from there” . She had made a post in 2021 where she made the same appeal inspired by the TikTok trends of that time. «I discovered it about a month ago because she made some stories talking about it. So I wrote to him and told him that I would love to try it in Spain and see how the brands here performed. She told me I would freak her out.”

With the approval of the Peruvian creator, Itziar considered that she should take into account a key variable: the moment. «Both the moment for the brands (that everything was very relaxed in actions in networks) and the moment for me (having the time to give the action the execution that I wanted, it was not worth just publishing, I had to create a storytelling around it if I wanted make it work).

In his Instagram post He was not only addressing the community managers, but also his more than 23,000 followers (which after the viral success of this post have risen to 27,000), encouraging them to send the post to their favorite brands or to mention them in the comments of the post. Surprised by the interaction that the publication was receiving after a day, she commented on it on Twitter, creating a thread updating it with the captures of the funniest and most ingenious comments from different companies such as Fnac, Vueling, NH Hoteles, Afterbite, or Plátano de Canary Islands.

A viral fallout

The first brand to jump on the engagement bandwagon was car glass, the expert company in glass repair, which only published an emoji. Later, puns began to appear, as is the case with Lidl, Brita, Colvin or Burger King, this last CM justifying his delay because he was the “BKario”.

As Itziar Oltra herself said in her Twitter thread, it is as if the pantry (Café Marcilla, Florette, Príncipe) or the bathroom closet at home (Giorgi, Ecran, Durex, Lactovit) were speaking to you.

In other cases, companies have commented in relation to their activity, as is the case of Krash Cosmetics, Cash Converters or the insurer Direct line. freshlycosmetics has commented from all their profiles. Some like Bizum and Chupa Chups have interacted with each other. The brands involved not only have to do with the sale of products, since even media and television programs such as antenna 3 either Research teamor banking entities such as CaixaBankThey did not want to be left behind.

Witty comments and those who have taken very seriously about comment “for no specific reason”some brands have also taken the opportunity to make giveaways in the comments, as is the case of the Boombastic Festival raffling tickets or Wetaca raffling tapers for a week.

Even a Valencian restaurant commented that they would give a lunch to the first person who came to their restaurant asking for “Itziar’s lunch”…and they did. Now, influencers like Roenlared they have also entered the game and it seems that this post will still be a few days to talk about. There is also room for personal brands, or even some people leave their mini resume in a comment.

Thus, what began as an experiment has ended in a source of engagement for companies, but above all for her and her personal brand.

«I expected a repercussion, but not that much. I am aware that I have a niche marketing community and brand managers follow me, and that is why some would comment. What I didn’t expect is for it to snowball like that. I understood the initial impact, in the end I wouldn’t have published it if I didn’t have the community that I do, but the result… has been very crazy. I think it is a real time marketing campaign for brands at zero cost (or whatever they have raffled) and for me a great personal brand campaign«.

In the end, as she explains in her LinkedIn profile: “It’s all marketing, no matter what time you read this.”

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