How to decorate the house at Christmas safely?

What would Christmas be without all the decorations? They are barely two weeks of celebrations, but due to their family and affectionate character, they deserve the best presentation.

So that everything turns out perfectly on these important dates, you should keep in mind that Christmas decoration involves small risks at home. You can avoid them in a very simple way if you know them beforehand.

The risks of the most common Christmas decorations and how to avoid them

Christmas lights

Do not overload sockets, make improper splices or handle lights while they are connected. These inappropriate practices represent a risk of electrocution or burns unnecessary. If you consider that the lights are not in good condition, remove them. Also, do not put them near materials that can burn easily (curtains, paper decorations, carpets…). If they are outdoor, check that they are waterproof lights and that there are no cables in poor condition.

Christmas trees

Usually, artificial trees are used, so you must make sure that they are made of materials self-extinguishing. The tree should be placed away from any source of heat (radiators or fireplace) and on a solid and stable surface that guarantees that it will not fall if touched by a child or if the cat decides to entertain itself with its decorations.

Christmas balls

Some of these ornaments are made of such delicate materials that, in the presence of a heat source (for example, the tree lights themselves) they could explode. Care must be taken in these cases because they are extremely sharp (glass) and if they contain paint or glitter they could be toxic. If you have children or pets, it may be better to resort to simpler balls.

electrical ornamentation

Snowmen that sing, Santa Clauses that move, bells that ring by themselves… Any decorative element that works with electrical power must be always in sight since, in the event of a fault in the electrical connection, it could generate sparks.


If you are going to use these decorative elements, make sure they are well anchored, as they could become entangled and pose a risk to small children and pets.

Small or sharp parts

The figurines of the nativity scene or the decorative stars can cause more than one startle if they are in places accessible to the little ones. Always place them out of the reach of children.


They should only be on when someone is home and under no circumstances should they be placed on the Christmas tree or near any other flammable decorative item.

Decorate the house at Christmas safely - Blog Prosegur

Discover how to decorate the house safely for Christmas – Prosegur Blog.

Alternative decorating ideas for a safe Christmas

To avoid risks this holiday season, it is not necessary to do without Christmas decorations. Enough with be prudent and observant. As you can see, the biggest risk is a fire. For this reason it is very important have a good emergency plan in case of fire.

However, you can have a great time with your family making your own Christmas decorations. So you can create a safe and economical decoration in an original and fun way. For example:

Paper garlands or with natural elements (branches, pine cones, leaves…). Christmas decorations with recycled materials.
Drawings with stickers in household appliances.

Enjoy a safe and smooth Christmas by applying these simple prevention guidelines: avoid overconfidence, verify that your decorative elements meet official quality standards and apply common sense.

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