How long does it take to install a floating parquet in Terrassa

Currently, the most used parquet flooring both for a new home construction and for a local or housing reform, in Terrassa, is the floating parquet, this is thanks to its easy and fast installation and its value for money. If you are looking for the touch of wood in your home, the ideal flooring is wood.

The approximate time for installing a floating parquet floor from Terrassa will vary depending on the type of home in which the parquet is going to be installed or if that home is already furnished or empty and the distribution of what is in the house. The installation time of a Terrassa floating parquet may be different depending on the type of parquet that the client has chosen, for example, the installation of the flooring and the floating parquet will not be the same. The process of building a platform will be much faster than that of floating parquet, since in floating it will be necessary to apply glue between the different sheets.

The company we recommend to have your floating parquet in Terrassa

Even so, the installation of floating parquet flooring in Terrassa by Parquets Egara is characterized by being very quick to install. In a house, flat or premises (with or without furniture) it takes between 2 and three days, with everything finished and topped off.

You can vary the installation if you have to change the doors, this will help speed up the process, since if they are removed from the beginning, it will not be necessary to adjust the parquet below the door frames of the house. . What can take a little longer is the fact of having the house furnished, it is one of the factors that makes the installation of floating parquet in Terrassa slower, if the house has a lot of furniture it can be a great obstacle to work, That is why the experts recommend their clients to facilitate the work by emptying the furniture.

The duration of a parquet, platform or wooden floor depends on many different characteristics. For example, one of the most important things is the quality of that installation, on the other hand, of course, the quality of the materials used. Although your parquet will last longer if it is well maintained, between 20 and 30 years even more.

Parquets Egara will advise you based on what the client requests, in terms of the hardness of the floor, the color they prefer and the durability according to the quality of the wood they choose.