Buy on Google, the direct purchase option from the search engine, will cease its activity on September 26

Google has announced that its program Buy on Googleavailable for Search and Shopping, will stop operating on September 26. Affiliate merchants may end their participation at any time before the established date or wait until they are automatically disincorporated on the scheduled day.

The technology company announced the decision through a email sent to participating US retailersin which it informs them that they must deliver all orders placed before the closing date, as well as continue to comply with the cancellation, return, refund and guarantee processes specified in their store policies.

Google is testing a new simplified checkout pilot program

The Buy on Google feature allows retailers to sell products directly on Google no added commissions. Additionally, retailers can collaborate with their third-party vendors to process payments and offer a more cost-effective and easy way to list products by syncing feeds used on other platforms. Now, Buy on Google will cease its activity, but the company has already begun to propose new projects.

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land: “Our goal is to support an open ecosystem connecting buyers directly with sellers, and this is a big priority for us.” In this sense, he has made it known that the company has developed a new simplified payment process that redirects shoppers directly from Google to the checkout flow on the merchant’s website.

Likewise, he asserts that more and more merchants are using this new payment pilot program, which can be accessed through a form, receiving excellent feedback from sellers and users, “Buy on Google was a small feature that was used by a very limited number of sellers, so we are investing in this new shopping experience” .

Specifically, the new feature Eliminates the multi-step checkout journey, so buyers will have the option to go directly from Google to the checkout flow of the website where they make the purchase. Once there, the product will be displayed in the user’s shopping cart and they will be able to pay with any payment method they select.

The technology spokesperson said “we will test this feature on Google and YouTube with selected vendors and will share more information as we are ready to hire additional partners.”

Buy on Google for YouTube will continue to work

It is important to note that after September 26, Buy on Google for YouTube will remain active for merchants of USA who meet the necessary requirements to be part of the program.

The requirements to be part of Buy on Google for YouTube are:

Have a Shopify store with at least one product available in the Google & YouTube app in Shopify. Use Shopify Payments. The online store must be in the United States and process orders from the continental states of the country, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam. Define the delivery time of the products and shipping zones.

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