will allow its sellers to offer “buy with Prime” within their own stores


There is no doubt that Amazon has been able to remain the leader among marketplaces around the world, and one of its keys is that it has been able to complement its services and extend them. NowJeff Bezos’s company goes one step further by leveraging its massive logistics infrastructure to manage third-party deliveries through “Shop with Prime.”

In a surprising move, Amazon has decided that third-party merchants will be able to offer the benefits of Prime membership, such as free and fast shipping, through their own stores instead of this service being offered solely through the e-commerce giant’s platform.

Sellers will now be able to offer the Amazon Prime option in their own stores

The option buy with Prime will initially be available by invitation only to merchants already using Fulfillment by Amazon in the United States, However, it is expected that, like the vast majority of Amazon services, it will soon be available in other markets.

The service allows companies to send products to Amazon distribution centers and leave packaging, shipping, returns and customer service in the hands of the great marketplace, that is, all current Prime services.

According to Amazon «Prime members will see the Prime logo and delivery promise on eligible products in merchant online stores, indicating that the item is available for free delivery even overnight, and also free returns.” Additionally, Prime members will be able to use the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account and will receive shipping and delivery notifications when placing their order.

“We always seek to exceed the expectations of Prime members by offering more selection, exclusive offers, quality content and convenient features,” said Jamil Ghani, Vice President of Amazon Prime.

“With the introduction of shopping with Prime, expanded where members can enjoy the benefits of reliable and convenient Prime shopping beyond Amazon, adding more value to your membership. Members will have the flexibility to buy directly from merchants, all while enjoying the fast, free delivery, seamless checkout, and easy returns they know and love from Amazon.”

A strategy to attract more sellers and boost your premium service

In the big picture, shopping with Prime will increase Amazon’s competitiveness, while also addressing some pain points that might have inhibited its hitherto exponential growth.

And it is that the marketplace has been working to come face to face with Shopify, which has increased its own means of payment and threatens to attract small third-party sellers from Amazon.

Buy with Prime will be able to help merchants personalize their own product buying experience without hindering sellers’ access to their 165.7 million Prime users in the United States.

An offer that is really interesting since in the past, sellers may have been hesitant to work with Amazon because they were unwilling to share their valuable data with a major rival. And while buying with Prime could give Amazon access to even more data, it’s true that it will also give sellers more control, which could encourage them to take the plunge and start using this service, which in turn would increase the power from Amazon.

So you can integrate shopping with Prime to your online store

To use buy with Prime vendors will need to register for this service, linking an Amazon Seller Central account and using the Multi-Channel Fultilment service to offer an inventory pool for multiples and will need to link an Amazon Pay account.

Merchants using FBA will be able to add Buy with Prime to their store “within minutes” because their inventory will already be stored in Amazon fulfillment centers.

after these steps a JavaScript widget will need to be installed in your online store, and the option will be enabled for sellers to easily add purchase with Prime to one or more products. According to Amazon, sellers will be able to receive information such as emails about orders from customers who buy through this option, in order to offer good customer service and establish “direct relationships with consumers.”

Payment per purchase with Prime will be based on a service feea payment processing fee, and fulfillment and storage fees that will be calculated per unit, as no fixed subscription or long-term contract is required.

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