How to use WhatsApp to boost and improve the results of your business


It is no secret to anyone that WhatsApp It is the most used instant messaging platform around the world. An app that has been adapting and evolving over the years, adding new forms of communication and facilitating that interaction between the millions of active users that the network owned by Goal.

But just as it is quite useful for individual conversations between individuals, it is also (and more effective) at the company level, thanks to whatsapp business, the version of the instant messaging app for business. When using WhatsApp Business, businesses manage to have direct contact with their customers, offering their products and/or services and they can also answer directly all the questions that those clients ask them at the momentwhich is a factor that makes the sales of the business increase their numbers in a great way.

That is how SiteGroundthe web hosting platform with more than 18 years of experience, has held a webinar where they explain how can you use whatsapp to improve the numbers of your business in terms of number of customers and earnings.

Webinar: How to boost and improve the results of your business with WhatsApp

This webinar begins with a introduction to whatsapp business, in which they explain the necessary configurations and recommendations when creating an instant messaging channel. They also teach you how to configure instant messaging WordPress plugin join.chat: a plugin developed by David Lillo Y Javier Sanchezboth part of the design agency BELIEVE MEthe agency behind the design of this plugin and who have been the speakers in this webinar.

Access the full recording below:

As stated by both, WhatsApp is more direct, faster and more effective for interactions with customers, since a form is not useful enough to be able to attend to all those queries. In addition, WhatsApp is accessible to everyone and, under this premise, the instant messaging app is more effective than email when it comes to communicating about a particular offer or promotion.

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business was born after Meta realized that it was more effective and profitable for businesses to offer their products and services directly by interacting with customers via WhatsApp instead of monetize by running ads that, for many, are very annoying when they are displayed in their feed.

WhatsApp Business differs from conventional WhatsApp by the fact that has tools that help manage assistance and supportthus allowing companies to create and edit your profiles, add business hours, addresses of your stores (if they have a physical establishment) and even upload a product catalog. In addition, WhatsApp Business provides the ability to launch welcome or absent messages, as well as labels and quick responses to customers.

The WhatsApp-API it differs from the original app because it has special features to be able to use it, such as:

The use of a number not previously associated with WhatsApp. Requires WhatsApp approval for use (approval usually takes 24-48 hours). It is based on a virtual line (the mobile phone cannot necessarily be used). As an official integration, businesses can request their verification badge (this is especially true for already verified businesses). When a client is contacted 24 hours after their last message or in case the user has never contacted the company, it is necessary to use templates approved by WhatsApp.

Join.chat, the WordPress plugin that seeks to generate leads on WhatsApp

Join.chat is a WordPress plugin created for seek to generate leads that capture the attention of customers on WhatsApp.

What does your free version contain

Floating button: With this button you have the opportunity to reach your customers through WhatsApp. With this button, you can enter into direct contact between businesses and customers, answering questions and clarifying all kinds of doubts.
Minimum configuration: It will only be enough to configure your phone number linked to WhatsApp to start chatting with your customers.
calls to action (Call To Action): The approach begins with a tooltip with the WhatsApp logo, the typical app notification in red and the call to action in the chat window.
Page level settings: It is important to remember that in the direct chat window to WhatsApp of your business there cannot be a commercial argument identical to that of the home of the page.
Integration with WooCommerce: Customize all product and offer pages quickly and easily thanks to the dynamic variables of Join.chat.
Start messages on WhatsApp: The client will have in their hands a first welcome message with which they will start the WhatsApp chat with your business. With Join.chat you will be able to edit that welcome message, so that the client can only send it and thus begin the interaction.
Triggers: Any element on the web page that the customer clicks on can launch the chat window. You decide when to start that chat.
Integration with Analytics: Automatically detect Google Analytics and fire a custom event the moment a customer clicks the Open Chat button. Premium version of Join.chat

while in his premium version There are three main functionalities, which are:

Improved chat window: With the Premium version of Join.chat, the WhatsApp chat sale hosted on the online store website can add videos, animated GIFs, redirection buttons to conversion pages, chatbot, etc.
Agents, profiles and departments: With this feature, customers will be able to see who the company’s agents are, what departments they work in, what their business hours are, etc.
More communication channels: Join.chat in its Premium version not only allows you to add your WhatsApp. You can too add other messaging platforms such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger. The more communication channels you have, the more reach you will get for your online store.

A continuous training channel

In the same way that they have released this webinar that we are commenting on, the SiteGround web hosting provider usually releases 2 webinars a month, offering expert opinions on different subjects, such as: SEO, digital marketing, web development, WordPress, among other topics. of interest on the digital plane.

Which you can find on their SiteGround Spain channel, thus presenting an extensive list of knowledge, advice and useful guides for development as professionals within the digital ecosystem. And they are also completed with a library of referential posts that can be located within your web page.

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