The 10 commandments of the safe home

Home Safety Tips

Some home safety tips they always come in handy since we all like to live in a safe house. It is also reassuring to know that the house is duly protected when we are not inside it.

Actually, both purposes are easily achievable if certain precautions are taken. That’s why we bring you these home safety tips.

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The 10 commandments of home security

1. Know your home

Not all houses are the same. Consequently, not all security measures work in the same way for any property. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out a Home security analysis to find out exactly which security systems fit the needs of your home. Remember that security varies depending on the type of housing.

2. Attention to common spaces

When you reside in a community of neighbors or owners, it is necessary to monitor the common spaces. The objective is not so much to prevent theft from the neighbors, but rather to cover themselves against possible oversights (that allow thieves to access common spaces).

In this regard, special attention should be paid to the garage and parking lot security. It is a common area with a lot of traffic and easy access, so it never hurts to put in extra security measures, such as surveillance cameras. If you are one of those who have a private garage, it is recommended install armored garage doors.

3. Avoid recklessness

Many people expose their home to possible thefts almost unconsciously. Customs such as keeping a copy of the house key in the mailbox or under the doormat in the doorway should be avoided. You should also take preventive measures against possible fires or to natural disasters such as earthquakes.

4. windows always closed

Alarms are an important deterrent for thieves. If they are not available, it is preferable not to leave the Windows open, especially in single-family homes and low.

5. Home automation, an almost essential ally

In line with the previous advice, it is highly recommended to have some home automation system in your home. There is a wide catalog of possibilities, from smart windows and doors, to TV timers, lamps, etc. they exert a deterrent effect very useful and, in addition, they make your life easier.

6. Do not give a feeling of abandonment

A uninhabited house it is the perfect target for thieves. Even when there is no one inside, it is preferable that the property has half-lowered blinds, especially during the holidays.

If it’s about a house for rent or saleBetter not to leave anything inside. In addition, if we spend too much time without giving the property an outlet, it is advisable to install a security system. anti-occupation security.

7. The telephone must always work

Failures in the telephone usually result in us ending up opening the doors of our house To anybody. If this system breaks down, check for yourself the visitor identity. If your telephone is in good condition, remember that many thieves use false phrases to enter houses through the phone. For that reason, it is better that you do not open to anyone you do not expect.

8. Remote homes, additional protection

If you don’t have security systems and you don’t have neighbors nearby, think seriously about hiring a security service that meets your needs. Being so exposed, the isolated houses They are one of the preferred targets for thieves.

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9. Nothing in sight

If the terrace or garden can be seen from the door or through grilles, it is convenient that there is no nothing of value in these spaces. However, it is very important to know where to put security cameras. Make sure that you Surveillance Camera sea clearly visible to generate a deterrent effect or, if it seems more convenient, use a hidden security camera to hide blind spots. In this sense, you may be interested to know how to camouflage valuable things.

10. Suspicious behavior, immediate reaction

If the behavior of a passerby seems suspicious to us, it is always preferable to sin by excess of jelous and alert the security forces. It is not about living in a state of psychosis but about avoiding dangerous situations in time.

In short, achieving maximum peace of mind in our home does not have to be a complex task if some guidelines simple and proven effective.

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