Viko acquires Optopus, an agency specialized in optimizing digital product sheets for major brands

He viko groupthe independent Spanish holding of companies specialized in full digital commerce of which Marketing4eCommerce is a part, has acquired Optopus, an agency specialized in advanced solutions for optimization and improvement in digital points of sale at an international level.

This agency help big clients such as Nestlé, Tosta Rica, Taurus, Reckitt or Beam Suntory, to improve the efficiency and performance of online sales (CRO) in more than 20 markets and 5 continents, through strategy, creativity and data analysis. The company’s approach is focused on boosting the competitiveness of organizations through the application of artificial intelligence, AR or customized solutions under innovative technology.

Optopus takes advantage of the DNA of each brand to optimize its digital storefronts

Thanks to the application of novel techniques such as CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery or images generated by computer), the artificial intelligence and strategies combined with creativity, Optopus manages to optimize the presence of products in sales spaces. The company works the product pages so that they adapt optimally to the different digital points of sale of the brand (own eCommerce, marketplaces, online distributors, etc.) and thus offer a shopping experience that is visually attractive, effective and consistent with offline impact.

In addition, Optopus provides brands with an innovation component by incorporating artificial intelligence into their tracking system, as well as a holistic service throughout the strategy for improving a brand’s digital points of sale.

The agency has a multidisciplinary team, made up of technical profiles in 2D and 3D design, video, analytics and brand strategy. In this way they merge and offer a service that takes care of the most creative, strategic and technical part. One of Optopus’ main motivations is fill a significant gap in today’s e-commerce market.

Product optimization cases solved by Optopus

A clear example of Optopus’ work is the case of Beam Suntory. The company chose the use of CGI, modeling the brand’s products in 3DThanks to the use of this, a world of possibilities has been opened, such as 360º turns of the product, 3D videos and even virtual reality experiences.

On the other hand, we find the case of taurus, whose objective was to redesign the presentation of its Mycook range of household appliances based on the key drivers that captured the consumer. To do this, Optopus identified the unique features of the range, what set it apart and what drove consumers to buy it, and determined its hierarchy.

After this, he studied whether this data was communicated effectively in the product presentation, since information is often diluted because the product design is not optimized to be displayed on a “digital shelf” and its key data is not visible. . The next step was to use the AI to analyze what information stood out to the consumer.

Once all the necessary information was collected, they developed a redesign of the Mycook presentation optimized for digital showcases.

Image of the redesign made by Optopus for the presentation of Mycook de Taurus in digital shop windows

A strategic alliance that reinforces the position of the Viko Group

Optopus, founded by Sílvia Aguilar, has four years of experience in the sector and is a pioneer in working in Spain on “mobile ready hero images”which adapt the product images to the different digital points of sale of the brands, and which has already achieved increase the sale conversion rate by almost 40%.

From left to right: Sílvia Aguilar (Founder and CEO of Optopus) and Rubén Ferreiro (Founder and CEO of Viko)

Sílvia Aguilar (Founder and CEO of Optopus) and Rubén Ferreiro (Founder and CEO of Viko)

Sílvia Aguilar, Founder and CEO of Optopus, affirms that «85% of brands do not present their product correctly in the online channel, which hurts your sales performance. Our mission is to fill that void.” To which he adds: “At Optopus we cover the missed opportunity of most brands: optimize their digital storefronts (that is: images, texts, videos in our own and third-party online stores) with cutting-edge techniques, such as AI and AR to sell more and better online«.

For his part, Rubén Ferreiro, Founder and CEO of Viko, stated that “The acquisition of Optopus reinforces our vision of being at the forefront of innovations in electronic commerce. It is a win-win alliance that consolidates us as a group and allows us to offer our clients an even more holistic service in the digital environment «.

Thanks to this acquisition, Grupo Viko manages to expand its portfolio of services, strengthening its presence in the digital eCommerce sector, helping to maximize sales to its customers. A clear movement that will allow the company to continue with its vision of the future and guarantee its continuous adaptation to the demands and evolution of the digital market.

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