Cuatro Rayas exceeds the pre-pandemic turnover, with 30.8 million and its exports grow by 45% until May


The turnover of Bodegas Cuatro Rayas, located in the Valladolid town of La Seca, has exceeded the pre-pandemic turnover since 2022 closed with national and international sales of close to 31 million euros, although this figure was up until last May. It has grown by 15 percent.

The turnover of this cooperative in 2018 reached 30.5 million euros and fell to 27.5 million in 2021 as a result of the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, but last year sales went up to 30.8 million euros, a figure that up to last May has grown by 15 percent.

Thus, in 2019 turnover fell to 29.1 million euros and in 2020, the pandemic caused a drop to 23.4 million, a figure that has been recovering since 2021, with 27.5 million up to 30, 8 million registered last year.

For their part, exports reached 4.45 million euros last year, and so far in 2023, until May, they have grown by 45 percent. In 2019, sales abroad represented sales of 4.10 million for this winery, a figure that plummeted in 2020 to 2.6 million, while a year later, in 2021, it exceeded the pre-pandemic figures with sales of 4 ,1 million euros.

The wines from this DO Rueda winery, which brings together the vineyards of more than 300 members, are present in more than fifty countries such as Japan, China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Mexico. However, the main market for ‘Cuatro Rayas’ is in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

In fact, the white wines of the DO Rueda, where the Cuatro Rayas references are “leaders”, are the best valued by consumers according to research by the consulting firm Nielsen IQ, in addition to being the brand most recommended by consumers, 44 percent.