Interactive Add-Ons Come to TikTok Ads to Drive Engagement and Conversions

The great popularity of TikTok has turned her into a opportunity to advertise and create marketing strategies. The large audience that it offers makes it a favorite network when establishing strategies, and the social network itself is aware of this, which is why it has announced the arrival of interactive Add-Ons for ads on the For You page.

Interactive Add-Ons provide a unique way to capture the attention of viewers through pop-ups, stickers, and other visual elements. According to the platform’s official announcement, users who share, like or comment on a branded video on TikTok are 150% more likely to purchase a product or service. Which implies that interactive Add-Ons can be an effective tool for drive engagement and conversions.

The platform has launched two types of Add-Ons (standard and premium) which, in turn, are divided into several formats.

Standard Add-ons

They offer a way to achieve bottom-of-the-funnel marketing goals, like driving clicks and conversions.


Encourage audience participation through surveys, quizzes and feedback from brands.

Graphic card

Drive clicks using compelling, brand-consistent images. Businesses can take advantage of Display Cards to visually highlight meaningful messages, share offers, and drive traffic to their website or app.

gift code

It seeks to improve the conversion rate and encourage loyalty by offering special incentives to excite new buyers and reactivate current customers. This is done by means of a sticker.


Create a sense of urgency and anticipation for current and future events by using a moving visual timer, which helps advertisers build excitement around those events.

Image showing how the Add-Ons Countdown function works on TikTok

Premium add-ons

They offer a way to achieve top-of-funnel goals like brand awareness and community building.

popup ad

You want to make your product stand out by using a pop-up element that motivates users to click, take action, and move up the conversion funnel through your ad.


Users will come across unexpected gestures to increase engagement. After users perform a certain action, a clickable visual card will appear, revealing information or a reward that will direct them to a landing page.

Super Like 2.0

Capture audience attention by using eye-catching floating icons that are activated when users interact with an ad. This gives you the opportunity to display a popup card after the Super Like effect is triggered, inviting users to visit a landing page where they can learn more about your product or service.

Image showing how the Super Like feature of Add-Ons works on TikTok

Photo: TikTok

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