Sumar replies to Calviño that the 1,000-euro mortgage bond is “for the people”, not for the banks

Sumar’s economic spokesman stresses that his measure “is more effective” than the Vice President’s Code of Good Practices


The Secretary of State for Social Rights and economic spokesman for Sumar, Nacho Álvarez, has stressed that the mortgage aid bonus proposed by his formation does not consist of “giving money to the bank”, as suggested by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño; but to give it to the people to be able to face the increase in housing prices.

In a message posted on his Twitter account, Álvarez wanted to respond to Calviño’s assessment of the bonus proposed by Yolanda Díaz, consisting of a direct check of 1,000 euros to help vulnerable families who have suffered a revaluation of your mortgage due to the rise in rates.

In line with the measure, the economic vice president believes “that using public money cannot be a solution” to give it to the banks, but that it is the financial entities that must facilitate the relief and support measures for citizens.

However, Sumar’s economic spokesperson did not agree with these statements and pointed out that “helping households with the increase in their mortgages and financing it by reinforcing the bank tax is a redistribution of income in favor of families ”.

In fact, Álvarez has replied to the also First Vice President of the Government that the measure proposed by Sumar “is more effective than the Code of Good Practices”, a measure agreed between the Executive and the banks to improve service in bank branches and seek solutions to contain the rise in variable mortgages.