Top: the most downloaded apps in Spain (2023)


Who does not have apps on their mobile devices? Today there is an application for anything and each one of them seeks to be part of a little bit of space on the users’ devices to offer their platforms, products or services. During the pandemic, the downloads of various apps intensified, but the end of the confinement and the transition to the new normality did not mean that this stopped happening.

General panorama of the use of mobile apps in Spain

In order to find out in detail the usage habits of apps in Spain, the Digital 2023 report carried out by We Are Social in collaboration with Meltwater, includes specific data on the Spanish market and the most downloaded apps in Spain.

The study reveals that between January and December 2022 a total of 1,390 million applications were downloaded, which implies an increase of 1.5% year-on-year compared to the previous year. Regarding annual spending on mobile and transactional apps per consumer, this was 806.2 million dollars (about 752 million euros) and presented an increase of 2.8% year-on-year.

The most downloaded apps in Spain

most downloaded apps in spain 2023

Like last year, applications in the categories of messaging, social networks, and shopping led the top, but it can be seen how those dedicated to buying and selling products were reaching higher positions from January to December 2022. The example perfect to reflect this is Shein, which was ranked number 1 after being positioned at number 3 in the previous study.

Amazonthe giant of the eCommerce world, also managed to obtain a place in the top, an advance compared to the last year when it failed to reach the top 10 most downloaded apps in Spain.

Regarding social networks, TikTok remained in second positionwhile WhatsApp dropped one position and now occupies number 5, taking over from Instagram to number 6. In addition, BeReal, the app that shows the day-to-day life of users without filters, entered the top at number 10.

Caixabank Sign Whatsapp Instagram Cl@ve Pin HBO Max Amazon Bereal.

If we compare this result with the most downloaded apps in the world, the difference is minimal: while we can observe some local trends such as Cl@ve Pin or Caixabank Sign, TikTok and Telegram remain in the top 10. In Spain, however, Facebook does not appear, unlike in the world top, but BeReal does.

Mobile applications with more active users in Spain

The top 3 of this ranking had no changes. The Meta Social Media Pack (Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram) remained in the same positions as in 2022. The variation is seen between Spotify and TikTokwhich reversed positions compared to last year, when the music app was at number 7 and the vertical video app was at number 6.

Amazon Facebook Messenger TikTok Spotify Telegram Aliexpress Netflix

Disney+ and Google One remain the winning apps in spending per user

As in 2022, the Disney+ and Google One apps ranked number 1 and 2 respectively, but Dazn moved to the number 4 position, giving way to TikTok to enter the top 3 after the previous year it was not even among the 10 applications with the highest spending per user.

Other apps that debuted in the ranking were HBO Maxoccupying position number 6, and AtresPlayerin position number 8. The entry of these apps made wallapop and Youtube They will be out of the top 10 this year.

Google One
Dazn Tinder HBO Max Netflix AtresPlayer Wikiloc Twitch

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