CCOO revalidates in union elections as the majority union in the financial sector


The Union Confederation of Workers Commissions (CCOO) would revalidate its status as the majority union in the financial sector with 89.7% of registered acts and would win the elections with a representation of 39.7% and 724 delegates out of a total of 1,825.

These results, as reported by Comisiones Obreras in a statement, added to others already registered in the financial sector, revalidate the status of CCOO as the majority union in the financial sector since 1986.

In addition, the organization has boasted of winning the union elections in what they have considered to be the main entities in the sector: Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell, Bankinter and Deutsche Bank.

Likewise, according to the entity, it has also been the first union in 15 of the 19 territorial areas (Autonomous Communities, Ceuta and Melilla). The formation has understood these results as “a sign of majority confidence of the financial sector staff” that CCOO has responded by governing during “a long process of 15 years of reconversion”, including the impact of the health crisis and the rise in the CPI.

In addition, Comisiones Obreras has thanked its affiliation and all workers in the financial sector for their confidence, to whom it has vindicated their responsibility and self-demand in defending their jobs, working conditions and purchasing power.