This is how we consume television via streaming: these were the most popular movies and series on online platforms in 2022


It seems that the days when the whole family would gather around the television in the living room to watch a movie are long gone, because today we can view audiovisual content through various mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, which makes it easier consume any kind of content through streaming platforms.

Like every year, the creative agency We Are Social has presented its study Digital 2023, prepared this year together with Meltwater, with which it shows an account of the state and performance of the digital ecosystem in the world.

In this year’s edition, the report has shown that the 95.5% of the world population prefers to consume television content through any content delivery platform, while 90.9% opt for consuming popular movies and series through on-demand streaming platforms, such as Netflix.


However, the live or cable television is far from dead, being the preferred choice of 87.1% of users to consume content and although it seems like a super old-fashioned method, 23.7% of Internet users consume television content saved on recording devices, such as DVRs.

Spain ranks 28th in the share of users who consume television content via streaming

users who watch streaming television content every month

Analyzing the percentage of users who consume television content through streaming platforms, we find that Philippines is the world leader with a consumption level of 97.9%. While the top 5 shut it down Mexico (97.7%), Brazil (97.6%), India (97.5%) and South Africa (97.3%).

Although in Spain a 91.7% of users use streaming platforms to consume television content, it is far from the top 10 and ranks number 28.

At the other end of the ranking, we observe that Japan It is the country where fewer users consume television content via streaming, with a 69% share.

Age range of users who use streaming platforms

The study has divided the users who use streaming platforms to consume television content, both by gender as by age, in order to have a better vision of the panorama of the habits of the population. And although the use of platforms is very similar between men and women, some changes can be seen when analyzing them by age.

streaming consumption by age

The youngest group, among 16 and 24 years old, are the users with the highest consumption of content via streaming, with a 94.5% women and a 94.6% men. On the other hand, users between 25 and 34 years of age present a consumption of 93.7% women and 93.9% men.

Meanwhile, older people, including 55 and 64 years old, They are the ones with the lowest consumption of streaming platforms, although they have quite high percentages, with a 80.8% women and a 81.3% men.

Favorite movies in 2022

In this investigation they could not stay aside the most popular movies in 2022 on streaming platforms:

most popular movies on streaming platforms 2022

For Netflix, the gold took it “The Tinder scammer”, a documentary-type film where it is explained how Simon Leviev swindled twenty women out of thousands of dollars. The top 3 complete it “The Adam Project” (2) and “The Sea Beast”, The Sea Monster in Spain, (3).

As to Disney+the top 3 is made up of animated films for the little ones in the house with “Encanto” (1), “Turning Red”, or simply Red for Spain (2) and Moana, called “Vaiana” in Spain (3). The latter was released in 2016, but it still retains its popularity.

as far as Amazon Prime refers, we found the last film of Sylvester Stallone “Samaritan” in first place, followed by the not so new “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” in second place and closing the top 3 “Tomorrow’s War”.

Finally, in HBO the favorites of 2022 were “Batman” (1), the science fiction film “Dune” (2) and “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets” (3).

Favorite series in 2022

If we talk about movies, we must also mention the most watched series in 2022, according to the streaming platform:

most popular tv shows on streaming platforms 2022

In Netflix, “Stranger Things” is positioned as the most watched series of 2022, followed by “Manifest”. In third place is the miniseries “Inventing Anna”.

For Disney+, “The Simpsons” takes the number one spot, while “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Family Guy” They take second and third place respectively.

As to Amazon Prime, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”takes first place in the most watched series in 2022. To close the top 3 are “The boys” (2) and the crime thriller series “Reacher” (3).

Finally, in HBO The most viewed series in 2022 were: “Game of Thrones” (1), “Big Bang Theory” (2) and the classic “Friends” (3).

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