Top best solutions to manage your reverse logistics (2023)


We have already spoken on zillions of occasions on issues of eCommerce and logistics. And this is because everything the logistics process is very (VERY) important for any online store that offers products: you have to inventory them, store them, classify them, distribute them, have means of transportation for delivery, make a resource optimization plan to take advantage of spaces and reduce time, etc.

All that we name is part of the logistics process of a store. But also, sometimes there is a second part that begins after a buyer receives the product. Its about exchange and/or return process when a product is damaged, it is not what was purchased, the size is not adequate, it does not meet expectations, the buyer regrets it, wants to exchange for something else, etc.

Some large companies, such as Inditex or Amazon, have a perfect gear that includes all this pre-sale-delivery-post-sale path. But there are several eCommerce not so big, that need the help of an external provider that guarantees an agile and economically viable system for their business model.

Today we bring you the best reverse logistics solutions of the market, which will help you improve customer service and satisfaction.

7 recommended tools to manage your reverse logistics:

In alphabetical order, our selection of solutions:

Before describing each of the tools, we clarify that This selection was made with specialized logistics solutions in the return process in mind. There are several large companies that offer a comprehensive package of logistics solutions, from warehousing to returns management. We have detailed their services in other articles, such as the best logistics tools, best logistics companies and best last mile companies.

Anyway, remember that our tops are open to opinions and suggestions. If you are missing a solution, or offer a service that you cannot find in the article, you can leave it in the comments and We will take it into account for future updates. 😉.

Now yes, let’s get down to business:


This company created by Javier Dolcetformer COO of Mercado Libre, Alberto Miralles and Javi Pérez-Griffooffers a automated gateway to manage changes and returns, which allows multiple logistics solutions: from home collection to delivery points, passing through the most relevant transport companies in the country.

They work from 4R system: Return and Refund, so that the client is satisfied; Y Reconditioning and Recommerce, so that the returned product can be for sale in the shortest possible time and with the maximum guarantees. In addition, it has a specialized team that fully customizes the platform, responding to the specific needs of each brand.


iF Lastmile is a European solution for the comprehensive management of eCommerce returns. Use urban assets (Urban Check Points) as return processing centers and reduces the time it takes to sell products and refunds from 10-15 days to 1 day. It has a global network of +200,000 collection points, offers a return portal personalized with your brand, changes and returns in 2 clicks, and a Customer Service team freed from manual tasks.

your product digitizes the entire reverse logistics process, both for the end customer and for the retailer, giving them visibility, traceability and understanding of the process that they did not have with the current manual dynamics. Your operative repositions ready-to-sell returns in the physical stores of the retailer or its central warehouse, reducing logistics flows, saving up to 80% of costs of the process and eliminating the environmental impact.

It also has its own algorithm that promotes exchanges and cross-sells, offers real-time information that reduces interactions by 90%, plastic-free repackaging in the validation process, and a marketplace of re-commerce solutions and recycling.


OneStock is a comprehensive omnichannel solution of French origin that helps eCommerce and B2B companies to unify stock, simplify the purchasing process in all distribution channels, and optimize logistics and supply costs.

Your OMS system (Order Management System) allows you to manage all the return options available to the customer in a single application: direct returns, preprinted return forms, returns with a call center, store returns, self-service returns, etc.

The web customer can return an item in any of the brand’s physical stores, making the refund through the initial payment method. The same OMS merchant interface guides store staff on returned item management. It also offers the option of returns by mail.

With this tool you will be able to see all the items sold and returned from an order and expedite the relocation for resale. Returned products can even be used to replenish stock in stores that don’t have that specific item in stock.


Reveni was born with a clear purpose: to cover the field of returns and make it easy to get refunds for online purchases in less than 10 seconds, and at the same time provide a platform Safe against electronic fraud.

As the company explains on its website, the process for using Reveni is simple: “The customer selects the products they want to return, receives the refund instantly and returns the product as usual.”

service center

service center creates solutions for managing simple and complex item returns for both businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). Your software can be configured to manage any combination of return type and service model.

It has different products focused on specific solutions:

Service Manager: process management software that combines powerful automation, logic, and workflows with customer, product, and inventory management.
Service Network: helps connect independent service providers with authorizers (such as OEMs and insurance companies) to provide product services to consumers on your behalf.
Fix: Comprehensive POS and management software designed specifically for repair shops.

Shippy Pro

This tool helps e-commerce brands improve the speed and efficiency of their deliveries and automate tracking and returns. Between his multiple solutions, we highlight:

Label design: customize your labels with logo, barcode, text or additional documents.
Shipping Rules: automate the choice of carrier according to the marketplace, weight, SKU or criteria of your choice.
Invoice manager: import the invoices of your Carriers and identify charges and additional costs at a glance.
Picking manager: schedule the collections of your Transporters without having to contact them.
Route Optimizer: Automatically unify orders with the same recipient and see how much you are saving.
Picking lists: Create picking lists easily and streamline the order preparation process.
Cash on delivery.
Automatic creation and printing of manifests.

From the platform, you can connect with more than 159 carriers and more than 84 sales channels in just a few clicks. ShippyPro currently processes millions of orders from thousands of customers of 36 countries each month.


Weclapp offers a ERP with specific solutions for eCommerce: merchandise and inventory management, payment, connection to common store systems (eg Shopware or Magento) and the most popular marketplaces (eg Amazon, Kaufland or eBay), accounting and CRM.

After creating the return, the intelligent workflow of Weclapp’s return management software guides you through the next process steps: credit memo or replacement delivery. Thus, the manual recording of document data is avoided, saving time, avoiding errors and with a coherent document flow. The system also allows recording and evaluating the causes of returns, obtaining valuable information for process optimization.

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