They break in to steal and I’m inside the house: what to do

What to do if someone breaks in and I’m inside my house?

And home burglary while we’re at it It is one of the most unpleasant experiences we can live. Therefore, if you do not know how to act if you are at home and someone breaks in, here are a series of guidelines.

Steps to follow if someone breaks into the house while I am inside

The first thing is to take into account in what specific way the intrusion occurs. To do this, we will see different situations and how to act in each of them. However, whatever happens, here are the steps you should follow in any scenario:

Notify the authorities or the Alarm Receiving Center if you have one installed (if possible). Make noise and turn on the lights (if they haven’t already gone in). If they enter, hide and lock yourself somewhere that is not obvious. If they find you, do not offer resistance. Do not confront them, especially if it is a armed assault. Disconnect the alarm if asked or use the duress code. Keep calm as much as possible.

1. Make the emergency call right away

We must know and memorize the telephone numbers of the State Security Forces:

091 (National Police). 062 (Civil Guard). 112 (Emergencies).

It is also convenient to have downloaded on our mobile phone the app AlertCops. It is ideal if you are afraid of making noise or want to avoid talking because of your nerves to notify the Security Forces.

Call any of them right away or use the app. Don’t worry about which one is the most appropriate at the moment, use the channel that comes to mind first.

Also, if you can, activate the emergency button to notify the Alarm Receiving Center to act in less than 30 seconds.

2. If the burglars haven’t broken in yet, make noise and turn on lights

If they have not entered the house yet and are trying force the doorturn on the lights and make noise so they know you’re inside the house.

Shout out that you have called the Police and that they are on their way. Most thieves think twice and will not risk continuing with the robbery. If they run away, and only if you can, watch the direction they’re running, but never chase them.

3. If they have entered, but they have not located you

Most thieves want steal valuables and leave as quickly as possible. If you can access a room with a lock or key, or if you are already inside it, shut down and call 911. If not, stay where you are, and if you can hide, do so.

4. What to do if the thief finds me

If for any reason you come into contact with the thief, the basic rule is never, under any circumstances, confront him.

No matter what they steal from you, material things can be replaced or covered by insurance. It is important to have self-control to remain calm as possible and not raise your voice.

5. What to do if the thief is armed

Whether we see it clearly or not, we must assume that the thief is always armed.

You can have a hidden knife or use any tool as a weapon. In these cases, it is important to speak calmly, ask what they want and collaborate so that they take what they want and leave as soon as possible.

In any situation, it is very important that let’s look at any detail about the thief that we can report to the police.

6. What to do if the thief asks me to turn off the alarm

If for any reason you find yourself in that situation, obey. If you have a Prosegur alarm, it has a duress code which deactivates the alarm, but also notifies the control panel that you have been forced to do so. In this way, you will activate the sending of help.

7. Stay as calm as possible

We know it is very difficult, but we have to make the effort. The most effective way is take a deep breath and never raise your voice. She adopts submissive body language, with her hands in full view and slightly raised. Don’t look directly or defiantly.

If we follow these tips, we will increase the chances that it will end soon and that the scare will be less. Once everything is over, the first thing you should do is report home burglary as soon as possible.

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