Musk announces a new Twitter profile verification system by colors: blue, gray and gold


The Twitter verifications are in the news again, this time for the new color system that Elon Musk has announced and that will begin to be applied on Friday of next week.

The change in conditions to obtain profile verification, and the numerous comings and goings that surround this specific issue, are part of the series of controversial decisions and questioned that Musk has taken since he took over the controls of the social network.

A solution after the identity theft crisis

After the price war for Twitter Blue and profile verification, came the problem of the spoofing. Despite Twitter security staff warned Musk Since launching the new Twitter Blue service including verification was not a good idea, since precisely the function of this seal was obtained by having carried out a real verification that a profile was who it claimed to be, the plan went ahead.

Users could verify their profile for $8, without having to prove that they were who they said they were. This led to various identity thefts, from Jesus Christ to Mario Bross were victims of this problem.

Blue seal for people, gray for the government and gold for companies

In view of the chaos generated on the social network, Musk decided to postpone the launch of the new Twitter Blue services “until there is a high level of confidence to stop phishing. We will probably use a different color check for organizations and another for people.”

Now, this idea has become a confirmed reality, Twitter will begin manually verifying accounts on Friday, December 2. The system that will be applied will be the following: the verified accounts of people, regardless of whether or not they are celebrities, will wear a blue seal; those of the government, one gray; and those of companies, a golden one.

Likewise, Musk has declared that whoever so wishes may wear a small secondary logo showing that they belong to an organization. As long as you have the permission and approval of it.

Image: Depositphotos

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