Operation and types of silent alarms

The safety of silent alarms

Deep down, what we aspire to is to live in peace. For this reason, more and more families and businesses are choosing to install an alarm. A security alarm can be silent and, although it doesn’t seem like it at first, it makes a lot of sense. We will explain the advantage that it offers you, its operation and how make good use her.

Benefits of a silent alarm

All alarms have a common goal, which is to give notice of an emergency situation or a possible coercion. Silent alarms offer an extra benefit: not only do they notify you, but the intruder does not know that the alarm has been activated. Therefore, the individual remains calm and peaceful while security officers come to find out what has happened.

This feature is especially useful for shops and businessessince it is where more situations of this type occur.

Nevertheless, also interests families and residential communities. In fact, from our experience, we realize that this is one of the main concerns when it comes to home security. a silent alarm not intrusive with the daily life of the neighborhood.

The safety of our children

What we expect from a silent alarm system is to be able to control that everything is in order. It is especially important when our little ones are left alone at home. For this, silent alarms need something more so that nobody wants to enter our homes or businesses.

children home alone protected by silent alarms

Peace of mind that your children are safe thanks to a silent alarm.

How to activate a silent alarm?

What interests us first is that the silent alarm goes off only when necessary. The dashboard is essential to manage these situations.

Usually, we can enter a code that only we will know to activate the silent alarm. In addition, it is recommended that the message that appears on the screen disguise the activation.

As important as knowing when the silent alarm is activated is knowing how to deactivate them. For this it is essential that the control panel is easy to use. For example, you can notify us through a text message on your screen that the alarm has been “turned off”, when in reality you are notifying the Police and the Acudas service.

This nuance that only we know will give us peace of mind and will be able to deceive the intruder, if he is present during the deactivation.

the panic button

It is not always possible to access the control panel that activates or deactivates the alarm. For this reason, it is important that we have a panic button or emergency button.

This is found in a remote control that we can carry with us at any time, which makes it a particularly useful element. Its operation is as simple as can be expected. When activated, the Alarm Receiving Center will receive a warning and will start the help protocol. In addition, we can configure the button to call frequent contacts.

Silent alarms also have a panic button.

Panic button and operation.

What else is the panic button for?

We all know what a help button for the elderly. It is used in a good kind of situations, like falls, injuries or other medical emergencies. The panic button is also designed for those situations where it is required tele-assistance. So it not only serves to preserve our physical integrity in cases of intrusion.

The great advantage it offers is that, in case of any eventuality or problem, the user is permanently communicated and will be assisted if necessary.

Tips for good use

We emphasize that this security system is designed for those true emergency situations and quick action. To ensure good use and improve the efficiency of the system, we will keep the panic button out of the reach of children. This will prevent them from accidentally causing false alarms.

If you want to know more, you can consult all the advantages it offers our home alarm service.

Silent alarm with remote control

Also, using our app Prosegur Smart, You can activate and deactivate your alarm from anywhere thanks to the remote control.

Types of silent alarms

Each silent alarm type It is especially useful for specific situations:

Anti-duress alarms

They are used in case of coercion. That is, when someone forces the person to deactivate the alarm forcibly. Alarms of this type are intended to get the victim help as soon as possible, while the intruder remains calm. It is programmed with two different codes, one to activate it and another to deactivate it.

Anti-robbery alarms

They have a button similar to the panic button that warns that a robbery is taking place. It is oriented for business robberies or banks that work with large sums of money.

mobile alarms

Las mobile alarms They are used in vehicles of all kinds. This device incorporates a silent alarm that notifies the central unit when we activate the SOS button. Through audio, what is happening inside the car is verified. If necessary, the Police and emergency services are notified.

How to improve the prevention of unwanted intrusions?

What we are really asking ourselves is what is the best silent alarm. However, the security of an alarm depends more on the extra functions. It is these accessories that will turn a simple alarm into a real security system.

sign plate

The function of these plates is deter anyone from trying to break into our home or business.

advantages of having an alarm connected to the central station - deterrent plate

Find out if it is legal to put a security plate without having a contracted alarm

Connection with Alarm Receiving Center

In the alarm center there are outstanding professionals that everything works correctly. This is where they receive the alarm notice and act with a security protocol that has been tested and perfected over the years.

attendance service

The Immediate Intervention service Acudas It is perfect for those who want to have a second option. If you don’t want to wait for the Police, have a specialized security guard Is the best option. As its name indicates, it will come to your home or business to help if necessary.

Remote control and panic button

It is important to be able activate the alarm remotely and do it in a simple way.

Easy alarm handling

where we can include the security code that we like best, through an intuitive interface. Today, it can even be used biometric passwords.

TV camera

Some people are not satisfied with just an alarm and want to record what happens. Combine cameras and alarms It is useful for the Alarm Receiving Center to check if the alarm has been triggered accidentally or not.

siren option

It is not a contradiction. It is our decision whether the alarm sounds or not. If we want it to sound, we’ll need a siren. The goal is to have the most complete system.

For that reason, if our detectors They catch the intruder in the home gardenFor example, perhaps we want the alarm to be loud to prevent it from entering the house. On the contrary, if you have already entered the house, a silent alarm may be the most appropriate, so that the thief does not make a fuss and gives the authorities time to act.

In any case, the best option is to contact your trusted security company so that they can properly advise you on which security systems are best suited to you.

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