Logitech gaming software Vs G hub: A to Z guide

Logitech gaming software Vs G hub: If you have Logitech mouse/ keyboard of Logitech G-series, then, you must have its compatible software to customize its functions.

The Logitech gaming software and the Logitech G software both are used to modified functions. If you are looking out for which is best for Logitech g series mouse/keyboard, here we go with the pros, features of both Logitech gaming software and Logitech G software.

To choose the best one out from this software for your PC, read entire article so that you can understand which one you should download.

Logitech gaming software VS G Hub

Logitech gaming software:

Logitech gaming software is a tools to use customized functions of G-series mouse, keyboard. Webcam and wheel, or Windows. It can be installed Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. To change LED lighting, functions and more on your PC, this software should be installed. The  Logitech gaming software is completely free and it does not contain any advertisements or any premium subscription required. We go with the features of Logitech gaming software first and then the Logitech G hub, then you can select which one is best for you.


  • It supports 16 million colors, you can add on LED light. Where the Logitech G hub does not supports LED function.
  • It is good with all Logitech gaming devices. Whether you are pro or a beginner, you will unquestionably discover something new on Logitech gaming software.
  • It supports on Windows, Linux and Mac PC.
  • You can set one DPI and eliminate all other shift points, whereas in G HUB you won’t see disable the AMOUNT of DPI shift points.
  • You can also control/modified functions of Logitech steering wheel.
  • LGS supports all Logitech G series mouse, keyboards, web cam, controller, whereas G HUB is now beta testing, it might not support some gaming mouse.


Logitech gaming software lets you to customize programing button, lighting, DPI, profile, and patterns and more.In Nox LGS, many G series mouse, keyboards couldn’t installed properly without any issues. We found LGS is better here than the G hub in this battle. In LGS, there are extra features you will get compared Logitech G hub.

Logitech G hub

Logitech g hub is next generation beta version software of Logitech gaming devices, that you can run your windows as well as Mac. It has stylish unique UI. It has a poor performance compared to LGS, more bugs and lots of necessary features are missing.

When you have many profiles added for one game, it becomes Impossible to delete one profile. Also, sometimes computer G keys stops working when


  • Logitech gaming software can be installed on any Windows and Mac low configuration PC.
  • It allows you to change DPI light colour which is not available on LGS.
  • Takes more time to load the software.
  • It supports all 2019 latest models of Logitech gaming mouse and keyboards.
  • Automatic Game Detection mode.


As I said it does not required any special requirement to run this software


We recommend you to try both this software which one is best for you. It depends on models you have. As I said earlier, Logitech G hub supports all 2019 latest models of Logitech gaming devices, if you have older models, you can go for LGS. We cannot say which one is better for you because every devices has different features. You are free share your experience after trying  Logitech gaming software and G Hub, share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Have G600 MMO gaming mouse. Installed GHUB.

    GHUB has a horrible interface. It is nonsense clutter and eye diabetes. I have not figured out how to change the profile, and it goofs up a lot. it crashes a lot.
    GHUB has LUA support. It does not have all of the stuff.

    I also have a g15 gaming keyboard… I figured I’d try it… it did not not work with ghub.
    So I installed gaming software after figuring out that it was trying to make me download the 32bit version of the software when my browser identifies 64bit.. and 32bit when my browser identifies 64bit… So I changed x86 to a64 or something like that and I got it..

    Then when I installed it, my mouse stopped working… no extra features at all.
    Turns out there is a switch between “use the mouse to store the profiles, and do automatic switching…” Says nothing about it not making the mouse work. So I turned on “Automatic” and my mouse lit up again… but it still won’t connect to ghub.

    So uninstalled ghub, and trying to install it again… man this software is crappy and it takes forever to install… Is it mining bitcoin?

    So trying to get my LUA scripts to work… btw, it can’t detect if key modifiers are pressed or not, even with a genuine logitech gaming keyboard. So I’m pretty bothered. It’s a nice mouse, but the software is so very very bad.

    • I reinstalled ghub and now the lua scripts work. All of my settings and scripts would have been lost upon unstaill if I hadn’t exported the ones I wanted to keep.

      It’s such a shame that software this bad exists.

      • I don’t know which Logitech device you have, G gub software can save all settings of your mouse/webcam every time you reboot your PC. Some, Logitech devices have onboard memory, Whatever settings you make through this software are saved if you use the device on another computer. And there is no need to export the settings of the device. First, you check whether your device has onboard memory or not.

  2. Does the Logitech Gaming Software work with the new G102 LIGHTSYNC mouse?

  3. Newbie here; I don’t know anything about anything.

    I am not a gamer. I’m an old IBM mechanical keyboard user. How I miss the Function keys down the Left-hand side where they belong, and not strung across the top of the number row. But I digress,…

    I bought the Logitech G512. I love it. Downloaded the G Hub because that’s what ‘they’ told me to do. Immediately confused; no idea how to Navigate at all.

    So,… I did a little digging. I found the LGS 09.02.65 and installed it.

    Long story short: Now I’m happy.

    LGS is much friendlier and easier to Navigate. I’m still a Newbie, I’m still learning, but LGS lends itself to learning and trying new things. G Hub is utter confusion and not friendly at all, plain and simple. I didn’t learn anything while using it. I’m glad I found the LGS software. Thanks for hearing me today.

  4. how can i use LGS i don’t like LGH cus my headphone got louder in LGS but i can’t setting it cus it keep introducing to LGH pls anyone help me i have try block the connection in filewall alredy.

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