Top 5 solutions: Logitech gaming software stuck on installing Windows 10

Logitech gaming software stuck: With its help LGS, you can change every single function of mouse, keyboards and steering wheels. For this you need to download LGS software for Windows, Mac OS. Many of LGS uses are in the problem that it is not being installed in Windows or installation is not starting, the installation is not visible even if it starts. Today we will talk about the problems related to Logitech gaming software stuck on installing and find out the solution.

First, we will see, what are the minimum requirements to install LGS?

Minimum requirement

OS Windows 32-64 bit
Video card Intel HD, Intel GMA ( Minimum 800 MB video memory)
Tools . net framework 3.5 or higher
Windows Update Required

How to fix when Logitech gaming software cannot run software installation

If you are having a problem related to compatible error code: 0x80070057 cannot run software installation, then, you should look for Windows update. Many users use Crack version of Windows and it has registry error and they cannot get regular windows updates. In such a situation, if you go to install this software, then you may face this problem. Moreover, you do not need any specific updates; install only the updates you get.

What to do when LGS starts the process in the background but closes automatically

If you encounter the software process in the background but closes automatically in Windows 10, then check whether your Windows activation whether able to install regular updates or not. Its solution is to Update Windows OS if updates are off, then, going to task manager, stop the background process. After that you restart the system, you try to install it again. In this way, you can solve the problem’s background but closes automatically.

How to fix Keyboard stopped lighting up in sync

If you are facing keyboard stopped lighting up in sync, then, check then you check whether the software was installed correctly. This problem occurs if your Windows is not activated or registry error is found in it or .net framework is not installed in PC. You check that all these recruitments are present in PC. After that you restart Windows in safe mode. Then install LGS software as an admin.

This is the way to restart in safe mode.

  1. Start Menu
  2. Power
  3. Click Restart while keep pressing shift key

Fix: RTM version wont install LGS

Many users complaining about RTM version wont install, Logitech gaming software stuck . The best way to fix this issue is use latest version of Logitech gaming software. If you have older version  8.50.281, it gets hang up while installing LGS  on RTM, download latest version. Hope, this may help you.

LGS profile is not working/ mouse hangs

If you are facing LGS profile is not working/ mouse hangs, then, you should look for whether your system is getting proper power supply. If you are using desktop try to remove unused components such as DVD writer, gaming controller. If still you are having problem, check above the minimum system requirement. Follow above solutions, this can help you all problems related to Logitech gaming software.


Hope, this post has served all the problems of Logitech gaming software hang on installing. If you are any facing any other problem related to Logitech gaming software stuck , leave your comment, I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Found this blog post helpful for you, don’t forget to share with loved one. Bye!


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  1. Just got a G613 and trying to install Logitech GHUB for configuring macros on the keyboard. The install is stuck at 100% installed but still says “hovering and landing” and sat there most of the day. Any ideas on fixing this? I do not even have any files to remove and restarting the install did nothing.

    • Same here, I am looking all over the internet and can’t seem to find any solutions. I have downloaded it about 10 times now, and it just gets stuck somewhere between 1mb and 0mb.

    • I am facing the same issue and there seems to be no fix. It install fine on my mac though. Windows 10 it get stuck at 100%

  2. Hi,
    Having just purchased the LOGITECH G915 keyboard, LGS no longer worked so I uninstalled LGS and replaced it with LGHub … well at least I tried. Everytime I installed LGHub, it would get about half way and freeze, complete computer lockup and I had to hard start each time. Sometimes I would have a LGHub shortcut on the desktop, sometimes I didnt. I tried all the fixes including those here. Tried running the key key executable components as administrator, that sometimes brought LGHub up and I could configure my keyboard but then when I restarted, I lost all the setup data and LGHub came back with DLL errors. Frustrated, and as a last resort, I did a complete clean install of Win10 and guess what? … exactly the same errors everytime. I even tried reverting to LGS with the same result.
    Then I chanced across a blog which had a unique way of at least diagnosing the problem. Instead of trying to reinstall LGHub yet again, the author (sorry, but I lost the link so cant acknowledge the person) suggested a simple test … open “DEVICE MANAGER” and “SCAN FOR HARDWARE CHANGES” … and about a minute in, the computer frozen in exactly the same way as the LGHub froze every time during install. So, as the author deduced, LGHub conducts a hardware scan looking for your Logitech devices as a part of the install … and freezes! Must be a USB conflict?? … No! … well not in my case. The author said that in their case it was their BLURAY/DVD/CD player plugged into an onboard SATA port! So, I unplugged the SATA cable from my drive, restarted the computer and ran the SCAN FOR NEW HARDWARE again … seconds later the scan finished and all was good. So … tried to install LGHub again, and in a minute or two the program installed successfully … my Logitech devices were found and everything was good … except, I still haven’t plugged my drive back in … but that’s another journey!
    Hope this little trick works for you too … it came after about a week of frustration and fault finding for me … thank you to whoever it was that posted this fix!!!

  3. Worked for Logitech gaming software also in win10 (weeks of frustration)

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