How to download a TikTok video without watermarks


TikTok It has become one of the social networks par excellence to consume and create content. Many of its users enjoy sharing the videos and saving them on their devices either because they want to keep them stored or to share them on other platforms, but TikTok has the particularity of apply a watermark to your videos when they are downloaded.

For many users, they dislike these watermarks or consider that they prevent the content from looking aesthetic when sharing the video on other platforms such as Reels or Shorts. So, this time we want to show you 2 Ways to Download TikTok Videos without Watermark.

1.Mobile apps

One way to download the videos from the platform is by using an application dedicated to downloading tiktoks without a watermark. Today there are many available on PlayStore or AppStore. Some options are TikTok Downloader, Video Downloader for TikTok, and SnapTik.

In general, all the apps dedicated to this tend to have the same procedure:

Find the tiktok you want to download and select the share option (the little arrow). Click on “copy link”.

Open the download app and paste the copied link in the box indicated by the same app. Then you just have to follow the steps to finish the download (these may vary depending on the app, but they are always very simple).


It is also possible to do the same procedure as with the apps but using a website to download tiktoks without a watermark. There are several websites that allow you to download videos such as MusicallyDown, TikTokDownloader and

In this case, the steps to follow are practically the same as with the download app option, only that they are done from your computer’s browser.

Find the tiktok you want to download and select the share option (the little arrow). Copy the link.

Open the download web page and paste the copied link in the box that indicates the site.

Select the “Download without watermark” option and the file will begin to download.

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