Easter: safe time for your home?

For many people, Easter is synonymous with holidays. A few days of rest ideal to gain strength until the arrival of summer. According to INE data, in 2017 Spaniards made more than 7.5 million trips during Holy Week.

This means that during these dates there will be many empty homes, which does not go unnoticed by intruders. Starting from this base, we will see if Easter is a safe time for your home.

How many robberies are there at Easter?

According to the data from the Crime Balance prepared by the Ministry of the Interior:

During the first quarter of 2017, there were 27,393 robberies in homes, most of them concentrated in the first week of January and at Easter. This represents 26% of the total robberies of this type committed in 2017 (105,599). Therefore, this is the second time of the year with the most robberies. Comparatively, in 2016 the figure was higher, with 31,154 robberies. That year it also had 7.7% more robberies than in the same period of 2015.

Now, if we talk about robberies in businesses, establishments and other types of facilities, the figure rises to 39,651 during the first quarter of 2017.

How to protect my house at Easter?

With this approach, the recommended security measures during the Easter holidays are:

The best security systems for Easter

Reinforced door

Having a good door in the home is essential. On many occasions, the weak point of this protection system lies in the lock. It is possible to force a door with techniques such as bumping. However, there are solutions such as anti-bump locks, which prevent sabotage of it.

security windows

Security windows are a very useful measure. They prevent the thief from entering unexpected areas and are not easy to break.


The bars do not ensure complete protection since they do not prevent the entry of intruders through the door of the home. However, they are a very useful resource if we do not have security windows.


It is one of the most effective and safe measures. Especially if they are connected to an Alarm Receiving Center.

Prosegur alarms, with triple security, allow deterrence, detection in case of intrusion and reception of warnings 24 hours a day. It is permanently connected to the Alarm Receiving Center. If an incident occurs, a Prosegur security guard will go to the home to check what has happened and collaborate with the security forces.


Dogs as a security measure can also be an interesting option. However, you should never leave it unattended. Therefore, if you do not have someone who can take care of him during the holidays, it is better that you take the dog on a trip with you.

Scams and hoaxes at Easter

Apart from the presence of pickpockets in places with a high concentration of people or the most classic deceptions, such as the trickster game, lately new types of scams are emerging.

Specifically, a scam is becoming popular in which a person goes to a house and pretends to be a volunteer from an NGO. While the offender entertains the victim, another person enters the home to commit the theft.

Therefore, the recommendations to avoid suffering any event of this type are:

Make sure that the NGO volunteer is duly accredited. You can also call the entity to make sure that the visit is real. Arrange this type of visit when there are more people at home. Do not offer resistance if we are victims of this type of robbery and call the authorities immediately without disturbing the crime scene.

Is Easter a time of risk?

In short, being a time when people travel and leave their homes empty, the risk of being robbed increases. This happens both at Easter and at any other holiday season, whether popular festivals or celebrations on a national scale. However, if we protect our home properly, we can reduce the probability to a minimum and go on vacation with the greatest peace of mind.

At the same time, we must never forget that, if we go to a vacation home or second homewe must also guarantee its safety when we leave.

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