NoCodeDay 2022: An event to promote development tools without code


After two years creating a community in the virtual environment, Nocodehackers (the leading community in No-code in Spanish) organizes NoCodeDay, a face-to-face conference focused on the tools that allow developing without code and with the participation of the main makers, agencies, corporates and tools that are shaping this ecosystem. The appointment will take place face-to-face, the December 1st at the Google for Startups Campus facilities in Madrid (Calle Manzanares, 1) with an approximate duration of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

It will bring together more than 100 attendees from the entrepreneurial world, startups and freelancers. It will have eight talks, more than 20 speakers from companies such as PagoNXT, Taxdown, Factorial, among others. In addition, it will have the presence of the people responsible for no-code tools such as: Bravostudio, Velneo, Arengu, Framer or Softr.

NoCodeDay objectives and speakers

The objective of the event is to provide a broad perspective of how No-code is adding value to a wide range of profiles, from a freelance person looking to develop their projects and ideas to large startups such as Factorial, PagoNXT or Taxdown, through agencies that specialize in this approach to develop products, such as, pleg, Z1, Treseiscero or MasterflowMaker.

We will have the participation of leading personalities of the ecosystem such as:

Jorge Moscat, head of solutions at PaymentNXT. Jacinto Fleta, engineering manager at Factorial. Álvaro Falcones, CPO and co-founder of tax down. Elena Madrigal, Designer of operating, creative and knowledge management systems. Noemí Carro, Marketer, philosopher and creator. Héctor Giner, CEO and co-founder of z1. Roberto Heredia, No-code evangelist at fold. Eric Ruiz, founder of threesixzero. Matías Pitters, Masterflowmaker. Carlos Beneyto, founder of Edify Houses. Jaime Fernández, product maker at fold. Marta Serrano, product in bravostudio. Aroa Gil, product lead in Framer. Pablo Castro, co-founder of arengu. Iker Fernández, lead designer at softr. Celia Rozalén, Automator, maker and bubble developer. Pablo Heredia, bubble dev in

The presentations will focus on “No-code” technology, which brings closer and democratizes access to the creation of digital products to non-technical people. Providing agility to both small startups and scaleups and large corporations.

The No-Code Movement

The No-Code movement is taking its first steps with enormous potential. Only him 3% of the world population has programming skills. Gartner forecasts that the no/low-code applications market will reach $5.8 trillion by 2022, growing 23% over the previous year.

The event will be very focused on create networking opportunities between speakers and attendees, so that they can build relationships with other people interested in the no-code ecosystem. Assistance includes a coffee break and lunch within the event itself. At the end of it, they will have the opportunity to continue connecting in the NoCodeCañas.

NoCodeDay is supported by companies such as: Pleg, MasterflowMaker, Polyflow or Velneo. We, as a media partner of the event, invite you to attend if you are interested in the No-code world.

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