Bodega Otazu plans to take its wines to Singapore and Ecuador in 2023 and strengthen its presence in Canada and the US

It has commercial offices in China and Venezuela and recently opened another in Mexico


Bodega Otazu will promote its international expansion in 2023, as it works to bring its wines to Singapore and Ecuador, in addition to strengthening its presence in Canada and the United States.

Specifically, the Navarrese winery finalizes its landing in Singapore and Ecuador, while it expects its wines to reach Ontario (Canada) and Texas (United States). “The goal is to open at least two international markets a year,” acknowledged the general director of the winery, Guillermo Penso, in statements to Europa Press, which specifies that they are always open to landing in new markets.

The Spanish winery is already present in Quebec (Canada), while in the United States its wines already reach 22 States, but it aspires to be present in more. “We still have 33 left. The United States and the United Kingdom are a great pending task,” he assured.

Bodega Otazu increased its sales by 21% in 2022 and consolidated its position in the Spanish market after growing by 36%. Thus, it faces 2023 with optimism, in which it maintains its objective of increasing its presence in the international market, where its turnover has grown by 16% compared to the previous year.

“We are already profitable, now we have to be efficient,” said Penso, who is currently working on the new ‘road map’ for the winery for the next 20 years.

In this way, Otazu wines are already present in 40 international markets, since 82% of production is destined for export and sales are growing at double digits, with the main destination countries being Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, China and Spain.

The general director of the winery has highlighted that in Quebec they are the third most sold wine, while their labels are present in almost the entire territory of Latin America.

Bodega Otazu is the northernmost vineyard with DOP Pago in Spain and all its wines are made exclusively with grapes from the 116 hectares of its own vineyard that surround it.

“Otazu is past, present and future. Wine has grown on this land for 900 years and will grow on this land within the next 900 years. A land that we take care of and that we want to leave, in a better situation than the one we received it, for future generations”, Penso assured.