Asufin applauds that the Government is going to guarantee “finally” the right to be forgotten oncology


The Association of Financial Users (Asufin) has applauded the announcement made this Saturday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to guarantee “finally” the right to be forgotten oncology.

Specifically, the president of Asufin, Patricia Suárez, explained that it is an issue on which the association has insisted on “repeated” occasions, given that “the discrimination to which these patients are subjected represents a true financial crossroads for them and their families in no way understandable.”

Along the same lines, Asufin has stressed that it is “crucial” that, after a few years of finishing treatment, patients are no longer labeled as cancer patients.

For this reason, the association has indicated in a press release that it hopes that the law enshrines this right, “that it articulates it adequately”, in such a way that economic and financial discrimination against these patients is “never again”. .