Who is Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter destined to turn the platform into X, “the total app”

It is a fact: Linda Yaccarinocurrent head of publicity for NBC Universal, has been announced as the Twitter’s new CEO a position that has been in the hands of Elon Musk since last October, the month in which the microblogging social network changed hands.

And it is that although Musk has seemed to enjoy his position as absolute leader on Twitter, despite the criticism and controversy that he has unleashed, in January of this 2023 the businessman carried out a public survey so that the users themselves could decide if he would continue. in the lead, and after finding that the option with the highest number of votes was for the social network to change command, now he has set his sights on Yaccarino.

Musk himself was in charge of announcing that the new CEO will start her journey on Twitter, and that she will take office in “approximately six weeks”.

I am excited to welcome Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter! Linda Yaccarino will focus primarily on business operations, while I focus on product design and new technologies. I look forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the app for everything,” Musk revealed in his message on the same social network.

After entering Twitter, Elon Musk to take over as CEO and CTOthat is, he will be in charge of supervising products, software and system operations.

Linda Yaccarino’s long career in advertising

Linda Yaccarino is originally from New York, United States, and For 20 years he has been dedicated to the communication and advertising sector. She has a BA in Liberal Arts and Telecommunications accredited from Pennsylvania State University.

Yaccarino was for two decades executive vice president at Turner Broadcasting System, a television and media company that at the time acquired Warner Media and disappeared after the purchase by AT&T, who merged both businesses into Warner Bros.

Since 2011 the new CEO of Twitter formed part of NBCUniversal as president of advertising sales and associations, a position in which she has achieved different milestones, such as having generated more than 100,000 million dollars in ad sales.

This could be a big boost for Twitter advertising

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Linda Yaccarino was “the first advertising chief in develop a unified trading system enabled by One Platform technology, and create a business and marketing strategy united monetizationa practice that has become ubiquitous in the market.

Beyond his senior executive position, Yaccarino has also been part of the peacock projectthe advertising-supported streaming service with which his team controls his entire monetization strategy, and this makes it clear to us that his arrival on Twitter could give the final push to Blue’s strategy in the social network.

And it is that after the purchase of Twitter, many advertisers have fled from the social network, which is why revenues have been considerably reduced, so beyond promoting Blue, Yaccarino could boost all twitter ad areasince during his career he has managed to create strong links with managers of large companies.

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