What is ‘bumping’ and how can we protect our home?

What is bumping?

Bumping is a technique that aims to unlock lock cylinders. It differs from other techniques because it allows open a door without forcing it. Most people are not aware of how easy it is to open a door with the bumping technique. To a would-be intruder, a locked door is simply a minor inconvenience as long as you know how to work one. bump key.

In this sense, it is important to know if your door is vulnerable and, in the worst case, know what to do if we find the door open o act appropriately if we know that your home has been robbed.

How does bumping work?

The characteristic of bump keys is that all their cuts are made to the maximum depth. In this way, when inserting the key into the lock, the pistons will all be at the lowest possible height. By giving a sharp blow to the bump wrench with an object, the pistons jump. With a quick turn of the key, you can take advantage of the exact moment when the counter-pistons are released, allowing the lock to slide freely and leaving the door fully open.

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Operation of the bumping technique.

Why is bumping dangerous?

Although it is a valid system in the world of locksmiths, in recent years its illegal use has spread significantly, endangering the security of homes. The problem is that this technique is used open pin tumbler locks. This type of lock is the most popular in the world and is present in the entrance doors of almost all houses.

Any potential intruder can get hold of a bump key and take advantage of the bumping technique to break into someone else’s house. And it is that, this technique, not only works on low quality cylinders. It also allows you to outwit most lock mechanisms If they are made of cylinders. Even the high-cost ones, considered to have a higher level of security. That is why we must be sure that the access lock to our house is adequate.

How to protect my door from bumping

There are anti-bumping locks with cylinders specially created to withstand this type of sabotage. Of course, they must be installed by professional locksmiths. This way you will know the exact point for its correct placement and we will be able to get the most out of the security they offer.

Another interesting option is the electronic cylinders adapted to a system of access control. They are protected against methods such as bumping or x-rays and allow you to always know who enters and leaves your home.

Finally, the best option, whatever door you have, is to increase your security with a good alarm system.

Given enough time, in the end almost any door is an obstacle that thieves can overcome. However, if he is faced with an alarm, the thief must give up his attempt. The alarm will alert the Police and the Alarm Receiving Center.

In this way, if we have locks without an external bulb, we can feel sure that our home or business is safe. In any case, the best alternative is contact your security company to advise you according to your needs.

Do not forget that the lock is not everything, the door itself is also very important. And, at best, a security door it is not infallible. Therefore, if you really want to protect your home, you should make sure you have different security systems that complement each other.