Twitter Blue is relaunched with a new change in its rate: $8 for Android users and $11 for Apple users


After a failed first attempt, Today Twitter Blue is re-launched to the public. Although, this time, with a new surprise in its rate, since the 8 dollars a month are maintained for Android users, but those of iOS must pay 11 dollars a month to be able to access this service and its benefits. Among them, profile verification.

Less advertising, more visibility and other benefits… more expensive in the Apple Store

The relaunch was announced on the company’s own profile on Twitter this Saturday: “We will relaunch Twitter Blue on Monday: subscribe on the web for $8 a month to get access to exclusive features, including the blue checkmark.”

Likewise, this communiqué was also used to expose the Advantages of Twitter Blue. Whoever subscribes to this service will see half of the advertising on the social network, their tweets will have priority and will achieve more visibility, they will be able to post longer videos in 1080p, edit their tweets and activate the reader mode. Besides, of course, get profile verificationwhich will be guided by the already announced color system: blue for people, gold for companies and gray for the government.

However, this series of privileges will be more expensive for some than for others. And, is that, the price difference is the maneuver that Musk has adopted against the 30% commission that the Apple App Store applies to apps that are offered in it. Let’s not forget that a few weeks ago the techno-mogul accused Apple of monopolistic practices, in addition to stating that the rate is “literally 10 times higher than it should be.”

Twitter Blue returns after past impersonation issues

early novemberthe social network made available to its users its renewed service Twitter Blue, which went on to include profile verification among its advantages. A decision not without controversy, both due to the new condition of having to pay to obtain the blue check and the price of the service itself.

And, not wanting to clash with its beginnings, what happened next was also problematic. Being able to verify a profile by only paying $8, led to many users beginning to modify their users to impersonate who they were not. Identity thefts were the order of the day and Twitter was forced to rectifystepping back and withdrawing the serve momentarily.

Now, In order to prevent this type of problemthe company has established a new protocol. Users subscribed to Twitter Blue will be able to change their name and profile picture, but doing so will lose their verification mark until the company re-verifies their identity.

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