What European online shoppers expect from eCommerce [Estudio]


Having a successful eCommerce is not just about having an attractive website and quality products. Behind it is a strategy that helps attract users, but what do people like? VWO exposes what users are looking for in an online store to understand the trends of this 2023.

The information is exposed in the eBook entitled “What users expect from an online store”, which gathers information from a survey of more than 400 online customers in Europe to delve into the psychology of their buying habits and their motivations.

The findings were collected in the aforementioned study, collecting “what users expect from an online store” while analyzing the critical areas in which the expectations of online customers can be met, exceeded or failed.

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The eBook is the result of a collaboration between Somos Eye Square, a pioneering market analysis agency in the use of science and technology to create digital experiences, and VWO, the world-renowned experimentation platform that improves the key metrics of business and online user experience.

“We will cover the psychology of user expectations and the critical areas where these expectations can be met, exceeded or failed when shopping online,” the VWO team explains.

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Some of the topics exposed in the eBook are the Must-Haves and No-Gos of the critical stages of the Customer Journey in eCommerce, in-depth analysis of the ideal customer journey in the main sectors of electronic commerce (fashion, electronics, furniture and food ), the top eCommerce UX trends for 2023, and a list of 20+ ideas to drive performance across all touchpoints of the digital journey.

One of the points that the document exposes is that despite the existence of giants in the world of eCommerce such as Ebay, Amazon, MercadoLibre, etc., it is still possible to generate large sales and achieve a position among the most successful if you have an effective strategy. and what online shoppers are looking for is taken into consideration.

“Although the technology available is often the same, the performance of a website can vary greatly from one store to another. Sometimes this is due to deliberate decisions, but often also due to a lack of knowledge of what really matters» they add.

The inquiries showed that 50% of buyers use online methods to purchase products, while 90% mix both online and offline methods. It should be taken into account that the criteria for an online store may vary depending on what they offer and the target audience to which it is addressed, so it is extremely important to understand what the eCommerce user expects.

With this in mind, the report takes both sectors (online and offline) and brings them together with those in which eCommerce has great growth potential where only 10-20% of users want to buy in order to analyze their journeys and create strategies based on success factors that can be promotions, fast deliveries, payment gateways, trial periods, etc.

To form this type of strategy and extract the data of interest, various tests must be carried out and thus determine the behavior of users in our eCommerce.

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