What are the parts and elements of Prosegur alarms?

What parts does a Prosegur alarm have?

An alarm is one of the safest security systems. However, it is not just a sensor, but it has many elements that make it really effective. For this reason, if you are wondering what is included in a Prosegur alarmWe invite you to continue reading:

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Elements of a Prosegur Alarm

The main elements that make up a Prosegur alarm are:

deterrent plates. Control panel. Detectors and cameras. The tags and the commands. Keyboard. The power supply generator. The mermaid. The perimeter detector.

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the plates

the simple presence of distinctive plates of Prosegur on the façade of our home is enough to have a strong deterrent effect among lovers of the alien. They are well aware that with a Prosegur alarm, security is maximum and, therefore, they do not even tend to attempt any type of intrusion or theft.

If your alarm includes camera service, you are required by law to put up some sign indicating their presence on your premises. In this sense, the Prosegur plate is ideal. In addition, you should not worry as it is resistant to the effects of the weather.

Dissuasion board - why do you need an alarm

Control Panel

It is essential for your home to be in continuous communication with the Alarm Receiving Center, enabled 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Control Panel is perfectly camouflaged, so that it is not easy to find it. In addition, it also has a protection system through tamperwhich warns of any attempted manipulation🇧🇷 Absolute relax!

The Detector with cameras

It is so effective that it detects any unwanted movement. In addition to incorporate one or more cameras that send the video recording to the Alarm Receiving Center, where they check if it is a real alarm jump. The cameras vary depending on whether they are:

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If you have the Smart app by Proseguryou can also access these images from your own Smartphone.

The Tags and the Command

Tags are small mobile devices that turn your alarm on and off without you having to remember codes. In addition, the command also has a emergency button or SOS button to directly notify the Alarm Receiving Center.

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It is very intuitive for the user and has several very interesting applications. For example, it has a direct button for emergencies and the possibility of using the exclusive anti-coercion code.

Emergency Power Supply

Specially designed so that your alarm is permanently connected, so that a power outage of the electrical supply does not affect, at all, the security of your home and the operation and efficiency of your Prosegur alarm system.

The mermaid

This device is of vital importance, since its activation exerts an automatic deterrent effect. However, its main characteristic is that it is placed in a place other than the panel, so that intruders never locate the alarm. Although if you prefer, there is also the option of hiring a service silent alarm.

The Perimeter Detector

A security fence drawn on the outside of the house (gardensswimming pool, terraces, patios…), so that the Alarm Receiving Center know if someone is around someone else’s property before they even get inside your house.

Other detection elements

In addition, you can also count on alarms of all kinds:

Definitely, an alarm can be complemented to cover any weak point in your home. Ultimately, the options and advantages of installing an alarm they are very varied.

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