We Are Social 2023 study: we review the essential slides to understand the digital world


The number of internet users in the world reached 5.160 million people, which represents 64.4% of the world population. The number of Internet users increased by 1.9% compared to 2022, by 98 million people, a slightly lower rate than in previous years. An immense number of people generating more than interesting consumption habits and that we must know in depth.

In this sense, you will have seen how we have been breaking down the most relevant data related to the Digital Study 2023, a report that has been developed by the creative agency We Are Social, and that in this year’s edition has had the collaboration of Meltwater , a SaaS media monitoring solution.

As is customary since 2016, this complete report is presented in the first months of the year, the importance of which lies in the fact that it constitutes one of the essential references for understand how millions of people around the world use the internet and mobile devices, in addition to knowing the detailed situation of each of the main social networks, eCommerce adoption and purchases, as well as multiple digital services and tools, which helps brands and companies to make better decisions.

You can watch the full presentation below:

Just as the report provides an overview of the behavior of online users in the world, they also have specific editions to analyze the behavior of users in each of the countries of the world. If you are interested in knowing information about a specific region or country, you can visit its library.

In the case of Spain, in the report Digital 2023 Spain, We can find a complete breakdown of all the most relevant activities and trends in the digital world in the country, such as the most downloaded websites by Spaniards or the most popular influencers and tiktokers.

Highlights from the We Are Social 2023 study

To make life easier for you and for you to be able to examine in depth the state of digital, we want to leave you a List of all the topics we have analyzed and that you do not miss a single detail about the progress and trends of the digital world, both in the world and in Spain.

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