Ways to force a door and how to protect yourself

Ways to force a door used by thieves

The door security It has come a long way over the years, but so have the methods of thieves. So if you have wondered what methods exist to force a door and how you can prevent it, here is a detailed list. The main ways to force a door are:

The method bumping. Through picks. Breaking the door barrel. The method Impressioning. Using a magnet. The classic X-ray. Through an extractor. Using a drill.

Below we will look at each method in more detail and learn how to protect ourselves from them:

Ways to force a door and how to protect yourself – Prosegur Blog


How to open an armored door very quickly? Using a special type of master key (bump key) that is characterized by not having notches. This is inserted into the lock and with dry and accurate blows the key is released and the door can be opened. It should be noted that this technique requires a lot of skill. Against this method there are anti-bumping locks, which are the best way to protect yourself.

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Using hooks

Another common technique for forcing a door is to use lock picks (very easy to find) and a tension wrench. They are inserted into the lock and manipulated until it is opened. If you have a door with a high quality lockyou shouldn’t worry about this method.

breaking the light bulb

In this way, access to the cams is made possible and the door can be opened without difficulties. However, there are light bulbs protected against breakage that, when there is an attempted theft, disable the opening.


if you wonder how to open a door without leaving a trace, the best way is using the door key itself. How does this method work? A very thin sheet of aluminum is inserted through the lock. Its brands are printed on it. From them, a copy of the key can be made.

Anti-bump locks or those that work with electronic tags cannot be forced by this system.

The magnet method

Can they force a door if I have left the keys in it?

The answer is yes. Although it looks like something out of a Looney Toons episode, a door can be opened with the keys in it using a powerful magnet from the other side.

The radiography

This method is only good for opening doors that are not bolted. It is about introducing an X-ray or piece of thin plastic between the door and the frame, at the height of the lock. Then you just have to manipulate until the latch gives way.

It is a device that is used to remove the light bulb from the door, hence the name. It works like a kind of corkscrew: it pulls it out and allows you to force entry.

The drill

A classic in the methods on how to force a door. A bit noisy, but easy and fast. A fine bit drill is used with which they leave drilling the lock pins until you open it.

Ways to protect yourself from a door struggle

As we have seen, thieves have a multitude of options and use locksmith techniques that allow a door to be opened cleanly, without noise and in seconds.

Technology advances, so thanks to anti-bumping locks, anti-break light bulbs and increasingly sophisticated doors, we are better protected than ever.

However, a very simple method to protect yourself is the interior latch with locking system (or button). It is the most economical and varied solution since it serves as a protection against all the methods that we have explained above.

In any case, a door is not an infallible system. With enough time and skill, any barrier can be breached. That is why it is important that we have more security systems in our home, such as an alarm or detection and recording systemshave contracted a service key custodyo one access control system that makes sure that everything is in order.

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