Trends for digitization: challenges and opportunities in a changing environment [Breakfast4eCommerce]


Just yesterday we were celebrating the first NEXT of the year, the NEXT CrossBorder, and since we like nothing more than a good sarao, we have decided that the party will not stop. Today we have celebrated the third edition of our Breakfast4eCommerce meeting with professionals representing various digital tools.

As in previous meetings, this intimate event has been held in a private climate of debate and feedback, in which the participants have been able to contribute their vision about the digitization trends.

Challenges and trends of digitization for 2023

At 9:30 in the Grand Committee room of Monday Chamberí, Madrid, we met with 10 professionals from the world of digital tools to exchange opinions, reflect and nourish ourselves with knowledge. The session was moderated by our director, Ruben Baston and the participants were:

Daniel TallonTaxdown CMO
Jorge CasalsDatapocket CMO
Jose Maria TejeroCountry Manager of Keepers
mar villanuevaChief Business Officer Spain of SoCloz
Mercedes EstradaCMO of Aplazame
mercedes gomezPartnerships & Alliances Senior Manager Iberia at Wordline Global
irene martinezHead of Marketing at Reveni
Pablo MontesinosDoofinder Marketing Manager
Rachel LlorenteBigblue Partnership Manager Spain
Sergio NietoMetricool Product Manager

breakfast4ecommerce all

“Professionals have a lot to evangelize”

Being aware of the advances that the sector has experienced, and that it will experience this year, if our guests agreed on anything, it was in the need to “evangelize” the population. In Spain there are still many people for whom what these professionals do or in general who participate in the eCommerce world is unknown.

On the other hand, this ignorance also extends to the internet itself, what is safe, what is not, etc. One of the latest trends being detected is the protection of user information, both by themselves and by the platforms. Increasing security is key.

Likewise, regarding the current panorama, there was talk about how the prudence when making investments Is the order of the day. And it is that, in general, this year it is time to tighten the belt, another of the areas where professionals appreciate it is in influencer marketing. The focus of the campaigns is turning towards micro-influencers due, in part, to issues of budgetary adjustments.

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Trends and advances

Continuing with current issues, return policies are one of the topics of the moment, we have seen stores like Zara announce changes. Well, this is generating that returns become one of the new levers of loyalty.

Another key issue is the omnichannel, everyone talks about this. However, our guests have commented that many stoppers are being found to reach it, an issue that is vital to reverse.

He also gave time to talk about the latest industry newsHow can he be the most famous ChatGPT. The advantages that technological advances bring with them in tools like this are and will be key when it comes to helping brands to optimize processes. Likewise, although this is no longer a recent novelty, the issue of live shoppinga trend that is still trying to take off in our country and that brands must learn to use, finding their own formula to reach their target audience.

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