Top 3 reasons why Italy becomes the first country to block ChatGPT


This March 31stthrough an official statement, the Italian Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data announced that the Italian Supervisory Authority has made known the blocking of ChatGPT in Italy in said country. OpenAI, an American company that is responsible for the development and management of the platform, was pointed out by invade the data of its users, for which reason an investigation has been ordered against them.

The first evidence of this legal issue was presented on March 20, and now the Italian Guarantor has released a immediate blocking of the tool to prevent further misuse of the data, and the company has been given a period to respond.

The top 3 violations that led to the blocking of ChatGPT in Italy

ChatGPT, the popular Artificial Intelligence model-based chat tool, is involved in a serious problem. According to the official statement, provided by the Guarantor of Italian origin, the company does not offer no information users regarding the data being collected, which is a direct violation of the European General Data Protection Regulation. On the other hand, the company had Unauthorized access to the conversations of its users, as well as to their payment information of their subscriptions. Another of the serious infractions that gave rise to its inevitable blockade is the null disposition of the tool to verify age of users, despite the fact that the use of GPT Chat is reserved exclusively for people over 13 years of age.

The decree was released this Friday, March 31, and the Open AI company will be forced to give response within a maximum period of 20 days, having to list the new initiatives that they will take to repair the damage. Now, if there is no response from the US company, according to the European Union guidelines, it will be awarded an administrative sanction, which could represent approximately a 4% of annual turnover of the company.

Other countries will begin to take action

Surprisingly, Italy has become the first and only country that he stands up to the corporation through the blocking of ChatGPT. However, it is possible that other countries of the European Union join the cause, since the policies of the tool could be invasive for other users in other territories. Just recently, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) urged governments to start applying the Global Ethical Framework on the use of Artificial Intelligence, which was consigned in 2021 by more than 193 countries.

“The world needs higher ethical standards for artificial intelligence: this is the great challenge of our time. The UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI establishes the appropriate regulatory framework. All our Member States approved this Recommendation in November 2021. It is time to implement the strategies and regulations at the national level. We have to lead by example and make sure that we meet the goals of it,” said Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO in reference to the use of AI.

Eventually, the blocking of ChatGPT in Italy could mean a series of events that will trigger more legal violations in different parts of the world, not only in Spain or any other country in the European Union. Let’s remember that just a few years ago, the Cambridge Annalytica phenomenon caused a stir internationally, and the most recent with OpenAI could indicate that history is about to repeat itself.

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