Top 20: Spanish tiktokers with the most followers on TikTok (2022)


Unquestionably, talking about the digital age is talking about social networks. And talking about social networks is also talking about content of various kinds: texts, photographs, links, videos… We are precisely stopping at the latter, the video, since if there is a social network that has lately worn the crown as queen and sovereign of this format that is TikTok.

The triumph of this platform also extends to its users, there are many Spanish tiktokers who have already made a name for themselves and have gained a whole following of followers. And, just as we have done on previous occasions with other social networks, we want to introduce you to the most influential national tiktokers.

The 20 Spanish tiktokers with the most followers

top spanish tiktokers 2023

The data shown has been collected in January 2023. Likewise, there are profiles whose variation rate has not been calculated, this is because, as they are new additions to the top, we do not have their number of followers from the previous year, so comparison is not possible. With that being said, let’s get to know them in depth!

1. @benjikrol

This 22-year-old can boast of having carved out a meteoric career on TikTok. It has gone from having 5.2 million followers in 2019 to accumulating 33.1 million currentlywhich makes it remain at the top of our ranking.

His profile is dominated by music videos, in which Benji uses melodies to perform humor videos, dance or recreate trends. Of course, its content is in English since, although this famous tiktoker was born in Brazil and grew up in Spain, he has acquired great fame internationally.


he really thought he could be part of it 🙄 @Nils Kuesel

♬ original sound – Evalina♡

2. @naimdarrechi

The second place on the list is once again occupied by this singer and tiktoker who already adds 28.5 million followers and 2.4 billion likes. In addition to the videos of her recreating dances or following the trends of the moment, Naim has gained fame due to the various controversies that it has generated with its content and its statementsbeing one of the most famous when he declared that he had deceived women to have sex without a condom.


The audio of the patron saint @witoldmorales @Nixandra Rojas

♬ Trend Yeri Muaa – Yeri MUA

3. @rosalia

rosalia Not only has she positioned herself as one of the most popular singers in Spain and internationally. The interpreter of “Despechá” also spends part of her time creating content for TikTok, where she shows what her routine is like on tour days, what she does in her free time, and also takes time to record some comedy videos. . She currently has 28.5 million followers and 301 million likeswhich makes it enter our top and occupy third place.


♬ original sound – La Rosalia

4. @juliamenugarcia

Julia Menú García, from Barcelona, ​​manages to stand out on the platform thanks to her naturalness and sense of humor. Although, currently to his comic videos and his dances he has added a new line of content. One in which, continuing with his close and humorous tone, he recounts How is your twin pregnancy going?, updating their status and sharing with their followers how they feel, their wardrobe changes, etc. Julia already has 24.5 million followers (0.5 million more than in the previous edition) and 1 billion likes.


♬ Untouchable (No) Sped Up – Remix – Xanemusic & NVBR & kevoxx

5. @samuellopez_

Another novelty of this 2023 is the content creator samuel lopezwho is known for his career as professional dancer. On the platform, she is dedicated to sharing dances, her dance routines, shows what her lifestyle is like, talks about modeling and teaches closely what the industry in which she works is like. Currently has 20.1 million followers on his account and 841 million likes.

6. @jordi.koalitic

The creative photography It is the center of Jordi Koalitic’s accounts. Unleash his imagination and his good work on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and of course, on TikTok. on this occasion down from 4th place to 6, but it has a small rise (+0.52%) in followers, already adding 19.5 million followers and more than 377.2 million likes.

7. @larissa_kimberlly_

Larissa Kimberlly was born in Spain but has lived in Brazil for most of her life. Her content focuses on humor, but her curly hair and the care routine that she applies to it has also caught her attention, for which some of her followers know her thanks to it. Debut in our ranking making his appearance in seventh place and accumulates 18.7 million followers on TikTok and more than 558.4 million likes.

8. @twinmelody

The Basque twins Paula and Aitana Etxeberría are the Twin Melody, and they are taking the Internet by storm with their choreographies and versions of songs by great artists. Not only have they made their first steps in the world of television (in fact, they have applied to represent Spain in Eurovision), but they also succeed with their videos on YouTube and TikTok. On this last platform they already accumulate 18.4 million followers (1.1% more than in 2022) and 447.9 million likesalthough they drop from position 5 to 8 in the top.

9. @judiitharias

Judith Arias is another of the tiktokers that has crept into our list this year. She began to gain popularity by showing what her courtship was like and then the entire process of her pregnancy. She currently makes videos with her husband and her little daughter, making trends, pranks and talking about her lifestyle. She currently gathers 17.4 million followers and accumulates 872.5 million likes.

10. @emiliomartinez

This 23-year-old Catalan, known under the nickname Emilio Ken on TikTok, He has fallen from sixth to tenth place, his number of followers also falling by 0.67% and staying at 14.9 million. in your profile it is common to find collaborations with his twin brother Ivánas well as dances, humorous content or videos showing their lifestyle.

11. @skyandtami

Although they drop four positions, no one can deny that they have become one of the most famous couples on TikTok. Something that their 14.8 million followers and its more than 964.7 million likes. Tami is of Japanese origin but grew up in Spain and Sky is of Ukrainian origin but grew up in Argentina, both currently reside in Madrid.

Your content, focused on humorous videos about their relationship and the dynamics of the couple, is usually in English, although they have a YouTube channel entirely in Spanish for their fans.

12. @ibaillanos

Ibai Llanos has become a celebrity and an esports icon. Its content is not only a success in the streaming worldalso has a TikTok community in which it gathers 14.3 million followers and 339.3 million likes, and which has made it part of this top.

13. @marlucas18

Mar Lucas is a 20-year-old Catalan tiktoker who is succeeding on the social network thanks to her diverse content. From trends to challenges, fashion and beauty tips, dances and videos with friends or with her little brother, this and more is what we can find on her profile. Her 13.6 million followers and 447 million likes of hers have served her to rank number 13 in this top.

14. @animalize21

We continue with more news, the tiktoker alvaro garcia He is known for unleashing his sense of humor by creating performances and comic characters, confirming that humor is still a key ingredient on TikTok. currently sum 13.1 million followers along with 219 million likes on his videos.

15. @huronarolera

dana creates humorous content and mixes it with the world of video games. She is a tiktoker originally from Valencia who has managed to create a community of 13 million followers and 303.6 likes. His videos are characterized because he gives his touch of humor to everything, he also uses them to talk about their autism and give visibility positively to this. This 2023 we welcome you to our list.

16. @_inmagic_

Inma is a magician who has used TikTok as a way to teach people the tricks he has up his sleeve. He also does tutorials and reveals the secrets of the world of magic. Its magical content has made its account gather 12.6 million followers and 150.5 million likes, in addition to making it rank 16th in this top.

17. @ivanmartinez

Iván, like his twin brother Emilio, also uses the nickname Ken on his TikTok profile, and like him, also has suffered a small drop (-0.81%) in its number of followersnow staying with 12.3 million and going from position 8 to 17. As for the content it produces, it is very similar to that of its twin, including dances, trends and videos revealing their personality.

18. @nacther

Sketches, parodies and a lot of humor is what you will find in the profile of this 32-year-old from Valencia who is succeeding on TikTok and who also has a considerable community on Instagram. Although Nacho Gil has dropped from position 9 to 18, he has managed to increase his community of followers by 3.64%standing in this edition in the 11.4 million.

19. @lolalolita

Lola Lolita is from Alicante whose success on TikTok has been reflected far beyond the platform. Their dances and playbacks They have led her to collaborate with brands like L’Oreal or Paco Rabanne and even win the Idol Award for best tiktoker. This year it drops 9 positions, but adds 10 million followers (5.26% more than in 2022) and more than 729.5 million likes.

20. @its.bellido

Lucía Bellido is another of the tiktokers that you should know. Among her videos we find playbacks of different musical styles and choreographies, which have led Lucía to accumulate no less than 9.4 million followers and more than 810.1 million likes. This year she went from 12th place to close our top of Spanish tiktokers with the most followers.

variation on the top

This top 20 varied considerably since October 2022, the last date it was updated. Tiktokers like Rosalia, Larissa Kimberlly, Judith Arias or Ibai they managed to get on the listwhile other content creators such as Julia Menu, Jordi Koalitic, Twin Melody or Lola Lolita dropped some positions at the top, being surpassed by the new members of the list.

The entry of these 9 new tiktokers caused another 9 content creators from the previous top 20 to be left out of the list:

@francallejon @monismurf @mranto @martineztwins @sensillocons @conbuenhumor @_riverss_ @amarmolmc @fabiomnz

Other featured tiktokers

A rich ecosystem of content creators has been created on TikTok and, for this reason, beyond this ranking in which we group the tiktokers with the most followers on the platform, we wanted to take the opportunity to mention a few more who also they deserve it.

And here our list, we hope it has served to inspire you and discover new content creators and creators. Tell us your impressions in comments, did you know them all? Has anyone in particular surprised you? Is there any tiktoker that we have missed?

Of course, this is a live list that will change in the same way that the TikTok landscape does, so We will be happy to include the tiktokers that you recommend for future editions. 😊.

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