The Spanish Kampaoh raises a €14M round to expand its glamping model throughout Europe


kampaohthe Sevillian startup that has managed to combine the comforts of a hotel with the attraction of nature, creating a new business model known as glamping, has closed a new round of financing for a total of €14 millionwith the aim of launching its expansion and internationalization plan.

The operation has been divided into two parts. A capital increase of 1.5 million euros from investors already participating in the project (JME Ventures, Axon Partners Group and Encomenda Smart Capital). And the others 12.5 million euros have been provided as a loan by Alter Capital, Zenon Asset Management and BBVA. The five million contributed by Alter Capital are a participatory loan.

This has been the company’s third round of investment in three years. The first was in 2020 for 300,000 euros and the second was in 2021 for 4 million euros.

Growth and internationalization plans

Kampaoh’s innovative model allowed it to be present in 40 campsites and gather 1,200 stores in 2022, with a total turnover of 8.8 million euros. Now, the company’s 2023 plans are just as ambitious.

With the new capital raised, they hope to acquire more stores to achieve expand to 80 campsitesdispose of between 3,500 to 4,000 accommodations and close the year billing between 26 and 30 million euros. But Kampaoh does not want to limit its growth to Spain, but will begin its international growth in the markets of Portugal and France.

This round of financing of 14 million It is only the prelude to a round of 150 million euros which is already being negotiated and is expected to close between June and September of this year. With it, the company’s medium-term plans would be reach 30,000 stores and 225 million sales by 2026in addition to landing in Italy, Croatia, the Dominican Republic and possibly Germany to become the largest foundationless accommodation chain in the world and include bamboo and wood buildings.

Kampaoh, camping with glamor

Created in 2016, Kampaoh was born with a non-existent value proposition until then: to offer nature lovers all the comforts that you can find in a hotel or apartment in campsites located in forests, beaches or mountains, which can be reserved through its digital platform. This is how they developed the glamping concept.

Its business model provides lone travelers or groups of up to 6 people, rental tents equipped with beds, sheets, bath towels, cleaning and replacement service, tables and chairs, carpets, electrical system and lighting, kitchenware, portable refrigerator for avoid, as they themselves express on their website, carry “the house on your back”.

Now, the company participates in all phases of the project. From the manufacture and distribution of stores (fixed or removable), to marketing and online sales through its marketplace, offering campsites in Andalucía, Com. Valencia, Castilla La Mancha, Navarra, Euskadi, Catalonia, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. Its staff is made up of 60 people that during the summer can rise to 200.

Image: Kampaoh

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