This will be Threads, the new social network from Meta that aims to “rescue” those disenchanted with Twitter

The fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to keep as many users as possible remains more tense than ever. And it is that recently, it has appeared Threads in the Google Play Store and in the App Store, the Meta’s new text-based social network with which he intends to unseat Twitter.

As early as March of this year, rumors began to circulate that Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, was working on the development of a new text-based application as an alternative to Twitter. Soon after, the codename was leaked Goal P92 (Meta Project 92) and it was believed that its trade name would be Barcelona. Name that, in fact, had already been used in the URL of the Play Store and that is still displayed in it.

However, the curious thing is that finally technology has chosen to use the name of Threads, which belonged to an application launched in 2019 and closed in 2021, whose objective was to be an independent messaging app, with which to keep in touch with the closest friends on Instagram.

The new Meta Threads

The application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, has published some images of the new version of Threads, which curiously has drawn attention for being quite similar to Twitter.

First of all, its translation into Spanish is “Hilos”, a name that corresponds to a representative function of the little blue bird app. Likewise, Threads is basically a conversation-based platform which opens up DM chats to a more grassroots audience.

Threads is scheduled to hit US mobile phones next July 6th through the App Store. will do as one Meta standalone app, indexed to ActivityPub, which will allow users to use the same username they have on Instagram.

Thanks to the leaks, you can get an idea of ​​how it will work. Users will have several tools to interact with your community of followers and, as on Twitter, they will be able to post in text, image and video. In addition to having buttons like, repost, reply and share.

Direct competition with Twitter

The description of Threads in the Play Store defines the app as, “the space where the communities come together in various debates, from the topics that interest you today to those that will be a trend in the future. Whatever your interest, you can follow your favorite creators and connect directly with them and other like-minded people, or build a loyal fan base of your own to share your ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world.” Quite similar to what Twitter is.

As stated chris coxdirector of product at Meta, told The Verge “Creators and public figures are interested in having a platform that is managed sensibly, that they can trust.” These statements could be alluding to the lack of trust that Twitter has generated since Musk’s entry, and pointing out that this could be the reason for creating Threads and wanting to make it public as soon as possible.

Meta’s intentions and the new restrictions that Twitter has launched on the number of tweets that users can see, could work against Musk’s network by making more users look for a conversational alternative, where they can be up to date with the topics of their interest.

Photo: Play Store

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