This is NoCRM, the lead management application that tells companies that they do not need a CRM


Currently, most SMEs and eCommerce use a CRM (customer relationship management platform) to be able to manage and observe the entire process that is carried out to convert potential customers into sales through the interactions they have with they.

In this article we talk about noCRM, a lead and customer management application for SMEs and micro-enterprises. This sales CRM is designed to help convert business leads into real customers by reducing manual data entry work.

It is a very useful tool for SMEs because it has a simple interface that does not require installation or maintenance, something that makes a difference compared to traditional CRMs. This tool is designed to help salespeople who may not even need a CRM, but rather lead management software.

What is the difference between prospects, leads and customers?

Before starting to explain exactly what noCRM does, it is important to highlight what prospects, leads, and customers are. These represent the three most important steps in reaching a sale, something that sales reps must do with the data collected and an effective marketing strategy in mind.

Every sales process begins with a prospect (a user who has the possibility of becoming a customer) who is cold in the sense that you have to qualify him, to know if there is interest or not. Once the interest has been identified, it is a lead (these are potential customers who are interested in acquiring the product or service offered) that enters the pipeline. Therefore, noCRM helps in the qualification of leads, then you will work on the management of hot leads and, finally, it helps to convert leads into customers. The advantage of specifying this lead manager is that you only have to start from one piece of information that is transformed into another. You don’t need to fill in a lot of data before you start working on your company.

Often companies have databases of leads and prospects. This information is what is organized from NoCRM so that sales agents can organize themselves in terms of the actions they will take with each one, according to the marketing and sales strategies they have proposed. From the software you can clearly view the stages, such as lists of prospects and sales pipelines, saving time for sales representatives and avoiding the risk of losing business opportunities.What is NoCRMAmong its main functions, we highlight:

Lead qualification. Creation of leads from various sources: LinkedIn, email, business cards, etc. Clear management of the sales process through the “Sales Pipeline”. “Team management and collaboration” a module that allows you a greater internal organization between teams. Connection to multiple marketing, billing, VOIP and other tools thanks to native and nocode integration (Zapier, Make).

Cold calling and a good custom sales script: NoCRM recommendations

Finding new customers and generating sales shouldn’t just depend on converting leads and prospects. You also have to go out into the world (or use communication channels) to find people who may be interested in what a company you might not know is offering. A good option for this is cold calling; This refers to the contact that is made with the potential client without previously expecting that interaction.

custom sales scripts

To have a successful cold call, sales agents need to have a script, but what is that? Easy. It is a kind of script that serves as a reference when interacting with the client. This includes the description of the product, its functions, the price and answers that can be provided when a frequently asked question arises during the conversation. Broadcast scripts make salespeople talk like robots by reading the script without actually creating an interaction with the prospect. The objective of this tool is to create a link and a real exchange between sales teams and prospects.

NoCRM has a free sales script generator, without having an active account on the platform, which saves time by placing frequently asked questions in the form of boxes that are editable to fit the needs of each company. In this way, sales agents have simplified information, do not lose pace during contact with the lead or prospect and collect the necessary information.

Finally, another noteworthy aspect is that noCRM is an online solution available in any browser, but it also has a mobile application where you can manage the entire project.

What is NoCRM

To start using it, all you have to do is follow a common registration process in which you also have to indicate the reasons why you want to use the platform. There is currently a free trial version, but there are also plans for €12, €22 and €35 ​​per month that offer access to more tools, with the option to pay annually for: €10, €19 or €29.

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